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Attack Mode

Attack Mode was a game mode in FIFA Mobile which was allowing you to play against other real FIFA Mobile users by taking turns playing halves against each other until the match ends.

The Attack Mode has been removed from FIFA Mobile as of FIFA Mobile v6.0 and has been replaced with the VS Attack game mode.

By playing Attack Mode, you could be able to attack other FIFA Mobile users' teams while your opponent's team which was only defending your attack, was controlled by AI. Like in VS Attack mode, you were not able to play defense in Attack Mode (unless you were defending a Counter Attack), but the quality of players, plus your active Tactic, would determine your defense's successfulness. Everyone would have a half time to attack the other party which was being called a turn, there were minimum 4 turns to take - 2 turns for you and 2 for your opponent. If you would draw after 4 turns, there would be an extra time for each side (additional 2 turns) and if you draw after extra times the match would be finished as a draw - which means there is no penalty shootout, and both players would get half the rewards.


By playing multiple matches against the same opponent in Attack Mode, you were able to form a Rivalry with that player. You could also have multiple Rivalries.


You were also able to see and play Attack Mode matches against your Facebook friends who play FIFA Mobile. FRIENDS tab was accessible on Attack Mode page.


Like VS Attack mode, the Attack Mode had divisions. To move up in the divisional rankings you needed to gain Fans. Fans were earned when you score goals and win matches. Losing a match was reducing the number of fans you had and could demote you to a lower division. Climbing divisions was increasing your Reward and Difficulty level. Each Tier was granting you an additional Fan Bonus. Below is the list of FIFA Mobile Divisions:

  • FIFA Champion
  • Legendary I
  • Legendary II
  • Legendary III
  • World Class I
  • World Class II
  • World Class III
  • Pro I
  • Pro II
  • Pro III
  • Amateur I
  • Amateur II
  • Amateur III