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Stamina (FIFA Mobile)

Stamina refers to the cost of a match or a challenge in FIFA Mobile for playing. Each match or challenge in FIFA Mobile has a Stamina cost which can be paid by the number of Stamina you have.

Depending on your level, you have a limit of Stamina span. Stamina reloads over time. Every 10 minutes, you will automatically get 1 Stamina if your Stamina hasn't been fully reloaded yet. You can refill your Stamina by paying with FIFA Points or receiving Stamina Refill as a gift or reward.

Below is the required number of Stamina in FIFA Mobile game modes:

Refilling your Stamina

You are able to refill your Stamina by either purchasing them from the Store or receiving extra Stamina as rewards. To purchase Stamina, you need to either tap on Stamina icon which is visible at the top of screen or go to the Store > Coins and pay by FIFA points. Here is the list of Stamina refill packs:

  • 20 Stamina - 200 Points
  • 115 Stamina - 1,000 Points
  • 250 Stamina - 2,000 Points