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Goalkeeper Training

A Goalkeeper Training card is a consumable item in FIFA Ultimate Team that can be applied to a Goalkeeper to increase their attributes for a single match.


There are seven types of Goalkeeper Training card in FUT which come in three card quality categories as Gold, Silver and Bronze. These cards can increase a Goalie attributes of DIV, HAN, KIC, REF, SPD, POS or all of them to a specific value. Below is the list of all Goalkeeper Training cards including their incremental value:

Type Gold Silver Bronze
All Attributes (Rare) +10 +6 +3
Diving +15 +10 +5
Handling +15 +10 +5
Kicking +15 +10 +5
Reflexes +15 +10 +5
Speed +15 +10 +5
Positioning +15 +10 +5