eFootball 2023 – Update v2.5.0

eFootball 2023 Update 2.5.0

Konami has announced that the long-awaited v2.5.0 upgrade for eFootball 2023 will be released on April 13, 2023.

The update will bring a slew of interesting new features to the game, such as additional player slots, new player talents, and legacy transfers, among other things.

The extension of player slots in My Team is one of the most significant enhancements to the game. Users will now be able to gradually increase their player slot quota from 500 to 900 by using GP. This will allow players to form larger and more diverse teams, as well as devise new ways to outwit their opponents.

The ability for users to add player talents to existing players is another intriguing element of the upgrade. All members in My Team will receive five additional skill slots, and users can use the newly featured “Skill Training Programs” to add new player skills at random. Users will be able to customise their players and give them an advantage in matches using this feature.

Furthermore, the update will include a new feature known as “Legacy Transfer,” which will allow users to transfer experience points and additional talents from one character to another. To use this function, players must first choose a person from whom they want to transfer their experience points and additional skills, and then choose a player who meets the necessary conditions to inherit those experience points and additional skills. However, GP will be required for the process, and the player used for Legacy Transfer will be wiped once it is completed.

The update will also introduce additional items for player contract renewal and ways to obtain them. Users will be able to get “Contract Renewal (10 Days)” on top of GP and training items when releasing 5★ PV players of certain player types, including Epic, Legendary, Trending, Highlight, and Featured. Furthermore, “Contract Renewal (10 Days)” will also be available in Match Pass and as other rewards.

Konami has indicated that other additional features from the upcoming update will be introduced at a later date. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for further announcements.

The new update is available as an automatic update, depending on your playing platform. Try to check for an update on April 13 in case your automatic update feature is off or the update does not appear automatically.

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  1. I download efootball but it says if the version of the app is not available in the store,please wait and again but still it is not working why

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