eFootball 2023 GP

eFootball GP

GPs are the virtual currency in eFootball 2023 with which you can acquire items and players.

How to earn GP in eFootball?

GPs are similar to XPs (experience points) in myClub. Every action you take there for the first time will earn you GP. You will be awarded with a few hundred GP whenever you switch to a new tactic in-game, come up with a new skill move, or even a goal celebration.

To earn more GP, you may follow the following methods:

  • Daily login – which gives you free bonus items and gifts including GP.
  • Play Matches – You will get GPs for each matches you play, better match results will have more GPs.

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  1. It’s too hard to get better players without GPS I think this game developer should look to this to make the game easier please

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