eFootball 2023 – Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips and Tricks for eFootball 2023

Here is a comprehensive guide that is aimed to help you maximise your potential in eFootball 2023 gameplay. We go into advanced tips and tactics, including ideas for outwitting your opponents, ways for mastering control of your players, and insights for taking your gameplay to new heights. Let’s put on our shoes and take the pitch.

Master the Buttons and Controls

If you’re new to eFootball or have switched from another football game, such as FIFA, spend some time getting acquainted with the controls. Basic controls such as passing, shooting, and tackling are included, as are more complex controls such as skill moves, manual passing, and finesse shots. Practise these controls in a variety of circumstances until you feel at ease.

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Spot Your team’s Strengths and Weakness

Based on the stats and formation of the players, each eFootball squad has its own set of strengths and limitations. Understanding this will assist you in developing your plan. Crosses, for example, could be an effective approach if your side has speedy wingers and a tall striker. Playing through the centre may be helpful if you have a playmaker with good passing ability.

Develop Several Strategies

Don’t use the same strategy for every match. Instead, learn to adapt to your opponent’s tactics and the circumstances of the game. This could imply changing formations, tweaking your defensive line, or even altering your assault strategy. Use the tactical flexibility that eFootball provides to your advantage.

Use Super Cancel

This function allows you to cancel any action your player is about to perform. If you see that a pass or shot is about to fail, use Super Cancel to avoid committing a mistake. This demands quick thought and reaction speed, but if mastered, it may be a game changer.

Use Manual Shooting

While manual shooting is more difficult to perfect than assisted shooting, it allows you more control over the direction and force of your shots, making it more difficult for the opposing custodian to predict where the ball will land.

Defend Wisely

Don’t rush your defenders towards the attacker, since this will give them space to exploit. Instead, attempt to keep them under check and wait for the appropriate opportunity to strike. Jockeying can also be used to place your defender between the attacker and the goal.

Master Skill Moves

Skill moves in eFootball 2023 can help you get past defenders or create space in packed areas. They do, however, necessitate appropriate timing and an awareness of the scenario. Practise various skill manoeuvres and learn when to use them.

Practice Set-Pieces

Set pieces such as corners and free kicks may be a tremendous source of goals if used effectively. Use various approaches and ideas to make the most of these situations.

High-Pressure Play

When performed appropriately, this approach can be quite effective. It entails pressing your opponent’s players high up the pitch, prompting them to make mistakes or miss passes. However, this leaves you open to counter-attacks, so have quick defenders on hand to mitigate this risk.

Advanced Through Balls

A well-timed through ball can demolish even the most tenacious defense. For increased precision, use manual through balls and direct the ball into areas where your attackers may run. Remember that timing is frequently more important than power.

eFootball 2023 Gameplay

Use Overlapping Runs

When attacking in eFootball 2023, fullbacks can perform overlapping runs. This can give you numerical advantage in specific regions of the pitch, giving you more alternatives. To avoid being caught off guard, you will need to cover for them defensively.

Master the Double

Touch The ‘Double Touch’ is one of the most effective skills in eFootball. It may be used to get around defenders in one-on-one scenarios and, with some practice, can be extremely difficult to defend against.


Feints can be used to confuse your opponent. For example, a shooting feint can lead a keeper to commit early, allowing you to sidestep and slot the ball into an open net.

Using the Right Tactics

In eFootball 23, you have various tactical options, including Tiki-Taka, Gegenpress, and Wing Play. Each of these approaches has advantages and disadvantages, and knowing when to employ them might be the difference between winning and losing a match.

Defending Against Skill Moves

If your opponent is proficient at using tricks and feints, you must know how to counteract them. Keeping a safe distance and waiting for them to make a move before committing to a tackle is often the safest option.

The appeal of eFootball 2023 stems from its realistic recreation of the beautiful game. Each match provides an opportunity to learn, experiment, and develop. As you progress through the game, you will discover more facets of its depth and discover new ways to express your footballing philosophy on the virtual field. Here’s to exciting matches, fantastic goals, and endless displays of football excellence.


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