eFootball 2023 – Player Skills

eFootball Player Skills

The Player Skills in eFootball 2023 explained here. Player Skills are assigned to players individually and indicate their technical skills on the pitch. Each player skill defines a specific skill as described below.

Scissors Feint

Enables players to execute the Scissors Feint at high speed.

Double Touch

Enables players to quickly execute the Double Touch.

Flip Flap

Enables players to execute the Flip Flap.

Marseille Turn

Enables lavers to execute the Marseille Turn.


Enables players to execute the Boomerang Trap and the Sombrero Turn.

Chop Turn

Enables plavers to quickly execute the Chop Turn.

Cut Behind & Turn

Enables players to execute the Cut Behind.

Scotch Move

Enables players to execute the Scotch Move.

Sole Control

Enables step on ball control to execute feints and turns.


Improves the accuracy of headers as well as the frequency of downward headers.

Long-Range Curler

Enables players to hit curling shots with great accuracy from a distance.

Chip Shot Control

Enables accurate chip shots.

Long-Range shooting

The player becomes more accurate at long-range shots.

Knuckle Shot

Enables players to hit knuckle shots with greater ease, also applies to Free Kicks.

Dipping Shot

Enables top spin shots that bounce erratically in front of the goalkeeper.

Rising Shot

Enables shots that begin with a low trajectory that rise sharply.

Acrobatic Finishing

Enables players to find a finish even from awkward positions or when off balance.

Heel Trick

Enables players to pass and shoot using the heel, even from awkward positions or when off

First-time Shot

Improves technique and precision when taking first-time shots.

One-touch Pass

Improves technique and precision when playing one-touch passes.

Through Passing

Increases the accuracy of the plaver’s through balls.

Weighted Pass

Enables players to apply back-spin when playing lofted passes and through balls improving

Pinpoint Crossing

Enables players to curl in crosses with great accuracy.

Outside Curler

Enables players to shoot and pass using the outside of the boot even at long distances.


Enables players to execute a Rabona and means they can pass or shoot when the opposition is not expecting it.

No Look Pass

Enables passes that misdirect opponents.

Low Lofted Pass

Enables players to hit a long accurate Lofted Pass with a low trajectory when appropriate.

GK Low Punt

Enables goalkeepers to take long accurate punt kicks with a low trajectory.

GK High Punt

Enables goalkeepers to take long, high punt kicks that end up deep in opposition territory.

Long Throw

Improves the range of long throws.

GK Long Throw

Improves the range on throws by the goalkeeper.

Penaltv Specialist

Enables higher accuracy penalty kicks.

GK Penalty Saver

Enables better goalkeeping reactions against penalty kicks.


Enables players to win free kicks when on the ball.

Man Marking

Enables the player to stick to and persistently chase down an opponent.

Track Back

The player aggressively pressures the opposition player who is on the ball all the way from
the frontlines.


Enables better interception skills.


Improves the player’s chances to block passes and shots.

Aerial Superiority

Improves the player’s chances to win aerial balls.

Sliding Tackle

Improves the player’s chances to gain ball control through a sliding tackle.

Acrobatic Clearance

Enables players to clear the ball using their feet, even from awkward positions.


Become the team’s inspiration on the pitch, reducing the effects of fatigue for all the team.


Improves player’s abilities when introduced in the second half of the game.

Fighting Spirit

Enables players to perform better under pressure and fatigue, as well as adversity.

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