Predicting the Champions League 2023-24 Potential Winners

Predicting Champions League

The Champions League kicked off on September 21, 2023. Since then we are halfway through the group games with Bayern, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, FC Barcelona, and Manchester City still undefeated. There has been speculation since the commencement of the tournament about what team is going to be the winner of this season of the prestigious tournament.

Well, experts have had their say about the potential winners of the tournament even before the tournament started. Manchester City, current champions, like others has been tipped to win this year’s tournament. But shortly in this article, we’ll have a complete look at that.

  • Must-Follow Games This Week
  • Borussia Dortmund vs Newcastle United
  • PSG vs AC Milan
  • Real Sociedad vs Benfica
  • Arsenal vs Sevilla
  • Bayern vs Galatasaray

These are some of the games that you should follow. All of them are the key fixtures that may decide who will be jumping on to the next round.

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Now, let’s circle back to the top 5 favorite teams to win the Champions League this season ranking from 1-5.

The Favorites

Manchester City

A mix of experienced veterans like De Bruyne and young talents like Haaland, Alvarez, Foden, and more, led by arguably one of the greatest managers of all time Pep Guardiola, Manchester City (aka City) is the favorite to win the UCL 2023-24.

The odds here are 2/1, the highest of the bunch.

As of November 6th, they are as usual top of the Premier League table and their Champions League table. Even though De Bruyne is injured, Pep always has alternatives and he finds a way to outclass the opponents.
But can we see back-to-back Champions League trophies for City? Only time will tell but they do look sharp.

Bayern Munich

The Bundesliga giants are sitting at number two of the German League table this season next to the table-topper Bayer Leverkusen led by Xabi Alonso, a legend of the game.

While they are not in full flow in the Bundesliga, the Mighty German club is topping their CL (Champions League) group and are yet to taste a loss.

Since their new manager’s appointment, Thomas Tuchel (the new manager) has made the new marquee signing Harry Kane adapted to his system pretty well and there’s no stopping him.

Bayern after their recent changes was said to be the second-favorite with the odds 9/2.

Real Madrid

It seems we can’t mention the Champions League without Real Madrid. The record 14-time winners are yet again one of the favorites, 3rd to be precise, with odds 13/2.

The new signing Jude Bellingham is firing goals day in and day out. They are second in the La Liga with their latest drop of two points by drawing with Rayo Vallecano. Surprisingly, Girona sits top of the table followed by Real Madrid and Barca.

They are top of the table in the CL group with three matches to play. They have always got something when playing European soccer. So, we may see them lifting their 15th cup this season.


All right. Yeah, some readers who follow soccer regularly may laugh at this entry.

But Mikel Arteta has transformed a dull Arsenal into a team that is playing good football and is ready to fight for the titles. They recently won the fixture against the current treble winners Manchester City in the English Elite Flight.

The same can be seen for their Champions League campaign. The odds here are 8/1.

Odegaard at the heart of the midfield, Saka running down the right flank, and the solidity of William Saliba, all add up to a team that is ready to win. But will they win or not, is yet to be seen and we have to stay tuned for that.


Last season they won La Liga with record-breaking defensive performances. The addition of Jules Kounde and Andreas Christensen made Barca’s defense impenetrable, at least for the Spanish League.

But their sloppy performances in the Champions League had them dropping to the Europa League once again after Messi left the club in a not-so-elegant way. Xavi was the coach and he had his starters injured for the most part of the Champions League group.

But as the 23-24 season started, the recruitment gave them a good depth in the squad. With the addition of two Jaos, Cancelo and Felix, Inigo Martinez, treble winner Gundogan, and Romeu they look sharp to win the Champions League.

The odds for Barca are 10/1. Let’s see, whether Xavi can, as a young coach, outclass the more experienced ones.


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