PES 2020 Camera Settings

PES 2020 Camera

PES 2020 has 12 camera views which could be changed and set in Settings menu before and during a match. You are also able to customise each camera’s zoom, height and angle from the Camera Settings menu. Below are the details for each camera in PES 2020.

PES 2020 Cameras


A side view camera which is located on top of the stadium and is moving horizontally.

Live Broadcast

A Tele based camera which located at the side aligned with center of the field and shows the matches from the one spot similar to a live TV broadcast camera.

Dynamic Wide

As side-vide camera which is moving horizontally by chasing the ball.

Mid Range

A side-view camera which captures the ball position in a mid-range and moves vertically and horizontally on top of the field.


A side-view camera with long shot view.


A side-view camera with wide shot view.

Pitch Side

A side-view camera located at the pitch side.


A camera located on a blimp – Similar to bird’s eye-view but from a side-view.

Fan View

A side-view camera located on the stadium’s highest fan seats.


An end-to-end camera located behind your players and moves vertically.


A 3rd-person view camera which is capturing the game based on your selected player on the pitch.


A side-view camera which can be customised by adjusting its zoom, height and angle.

How to change and customise your camera in PES 2020

You can change and customise your camera view, zoom, height and angle from:

  • PES 2020 (main menu) > Settings > System Settings > Advanced Camera Settings
  • Camera Settings option (before going to a match)
  • Pause menu (when playing a game) > Camerawomen Settings option

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