Interview with Adrian Wahl

Let us introduce you the youngest man at EA Germany, who is responsible for the whole database which is included in FIFA Manager game:

Can you please introduce yourself for FIFPlay visitors?
Adrian Wahl: Hello, my name is Adrian Wahl and I was born in Mainz, at the moment I live in Cologne. I am 21 years old and really football enthusiastic, I also like music and at the weekends I like to visit some cool clubs in Cologne with my friends.

What do you do exactly at EA?
Adrian Wahl: My job is called Database Coordinator; I’m responsible for the whole database which is included in FIFA Manager 07. I spend most of my time searching for new researchers or checking the work of the existing ones. When I find a new researcher it’s also my task to help him getting started. The rest of my time I spend with editing the German database.

Do you play FIFA or FIFA Manager on your pastime?
Adrian Wahl: I play both, with some friends it’s cool to have a short FIFA match or if we have time we’ll play a whole FIFA Manager season. Additionally I play FIFA Manager at work quite often, so I prefer FIFA and by the way the 07 version of FIFA is the best version I’ve ever played.

It looks you are the youngest man at EA Germany … is there anyone younger than you there?
Adrian Wahl: Oh yes, I am! Sometimes we have some testers, who are a few days younger then me, but most of the time I’m the pet of the Bright Future family.

What is your favourite club, who is your favourite player … which football match was the best you ever seen?
Adrian Wahl: My favorite club is FSV Mainz 05; they play in the Bundesliga since 2004’s our third season but it’s always hard to avoid relegation. My favourite player is “Tom Geiler”, he is on loan to Erzgebirge Aue (2. Bundesliga). The best match I’ve ever seen! oh dear, this is quite hard, because I’ve seen so many matches in my life, but probably the best Match was VfL Bochum v 1. FSV Mainz 05 2: 6 in April 2005. It was a great atmosphere, of course caused by the Mainz supporters!

If you were the senior producer of FIFA Manager, which feature you would add to the game?
Adrian Wahl: I would add a youth transfer market.

Which FIFA / FM Fansite you surf on usually?
Adrian Wahl: and!

What type of music do you hear? Which music/band you wish to be added on the next version of FIFA / FM?
Adrian Wahl: I prefer alternative rock/hard rock, stuff like Hot Hot Heat, Boy Sets Fire, Life of Agony, Mando Diao, Marylin Manson, but also old stuff like Metallica or Guns n’ Roses, and I really like the music of the 70’s.


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