FIFA 19 Ultimate Team New Features

FIFA 19 Feature List

Check out the new features of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team here.

Division Rivals

This new mode for FUT 19 allows you to compete against FUT users in your Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards to choose from that can help you improve your squad.

When you start Division Rivals for the first time, you will play a set of placement matches to see how you measure up against other players. You’ll be assigned a Skill Rating based on your performance in those matches, which determines your Division. The result of each match you play in your Division during the week impacts your Skill Rating; build up a high Skill Rating and you could move to a higher Division.

Weekly Rewards

Each week in Division Rivals is an entirely competition, and you can earn rewards at the end of every week. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when each competition ends.

Weekend League Qualification

Every win in Division Rivals not only gets you closer to the next Division, it also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League. An overhauled FUT Champions qualification system awards you points to use for qualification into the Weekend League. When you have earned enough points, you can redeem them to enter the current Weekend League, or hold onto them to use for future qualification, so you can decide which weekend you want to play in. Re-qualification to the Weekend League also works differently; each Weekend League win also earns points that can be used to enter into future Weekend Leagues.



FUT 19 features new ICONS long with every ICON that appeared in FUT 18. The new ICONS include Johan Cruyff, Rivaldo, Steven Gerrard, and more. Check out the complete list of FUT 19 ICONS.

UEFA Champions League & Europa League

For the first time ever, the UEFA Champions League and Europa League are available in FIFA Ultimate Team. This also features the live themed content introduced throughout the season. More details on FIFA 19 and UEFA Champions League is available here.

New Champions Channel

Unique controller input overlays, instant replay, and the option to skip to important moments in each match are now in place to help you see how great players react to every situation on the pitch. Use these features and more to learn from the top 100 FUT Champions players every weekend.

Player Picks

FUT 19 Player Picks

In FUT 19 you have more control over the way you build your squad with the new Player Picks feature. This new FUT item type lets you pick one player to add to your squad from a selection of up to five different player items.

New Pack Items Management

FUT 19 Pack

A completely redesigned item flow in FUT 19 allows you to manage your new items much more quickly, so that you can spend more time building your squad. Newly packed items are placed directly into your club, with a more user-friendly interface that helps you decide whether to keep, quick sell, or transfer list items.

FUT 19 also is displaying pack probabilities, which will detail the likelihood of what you will get in every pack that you purchase. This information will help you make decisions on where you want to invest your FIFA Points, FUT Coins, and time in order to build your best FUT squad.


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