FIFA 17 Ultimate Team – Match Coins

FIFA 17 Match Coins

FUT Match Coins are given to you after you complete a FIFA Ultimate Team match. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Match coins are calculated based on some of your playing performance such as the number of goals you scored, your pass accuracy, your shots of target and etc.

Here we have the details and breakdown for FUT Match Coins Award, you can see the formula below – You can also use our FUT Match Coins Calculator

FUT Match Coins – Calculation Formula

Skill Rewards Total (Skill Rewards x Multiplier) + Completion Award + Season/Competition Reward + Coin Boost

Skill Rewards

Skill rewards are calculated in FUT based on player’s positive and negative performances in the game. Good performances are rewarded with FUT coins, while there will be coin deductions for negative performances.

Below is the table for number of coins awarded/deducted for each performance for skill rewards calculation (Green = Coins addition | Red = Coins deduction):

Performace Coins per Unit Maximum Units Maximum Coins
Goals 40 5 200
Shots on Target 5 10 50
Corners 5 10 50
Man of the Match Winner 15 1 15
Pass Accuracy % 1 80 80
Possession % 1 80 80
Clean Sheets 75 1 75
Successful Tackles 1 20 20
Goals Against -20 4 -80
Cards -10 8 -80
Fouls -5 4 -20
Offsides -1 15 -15

   Green: Coins addition
   Red: Coins deduction


The sum of Skill Rewards will be multiplied in a number which is based on competition type/mode and importance, match difficulty, your opponent’s level, match completion/disconnection (DNF) and some other factors. The multiplier’s value is variable – Only EA knows the exact formula. For online matches, multiplier known as DNF Multiplier.

The table below shows the range of Multiplier values for online and offline matches:

Match Type Multiplier Range
Online (Multi player) 0.50 ~ 1.13
DNF Multiplier rate starts from 0.63 for online matches. It can go up to 1.13 (usually in single player online matches) depending on the match type/mode. DFN multiplier for online tournaments is usually 0.88
Offline (Single player) 0.25 ~ 0.50
Single player season matches have the best Multiplier rate. You will get better rate when you play in Division 1 with higher match difficulty.

Completion Award

Usually the number of coins given as for completion award is 325 coins, but it could vary depending on the match type/mode. As it says itself, a match must be completed (played for minimum 90 mins) to get the full completion award (normally 325 coins).
A DNF (did not finished) match will have a completion award only for the side who didn’t cause the disconnection, calculated based on minutes have been played. Below is the calculation formula:

Completion Award = (325 x Minutes played) / 90

Competition/Season Reward

Season or competition awards are additional coins you may get at the end of a season or a competition such as online/offline/friendly tournaments or seasons, or Team of the Week Challenge.

EAS FC Coin Boost

FUT coin reward boosts are available at EAS FC Catalogue. They can be purchased by FCC and can add up from 200 to 1000 coins to FUT matches you play – depending on their pack type and your XP level. Once a coin boost is redeemed, you will get a certain number of extra coins for each match you finish.


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