FIFA 16 Team of the Season Start Date Revealed


EA Sports will start revealing FUT 16 Team of the Season from April 29 on. EA will release over 15 different Team of the Season squads, made up of some of the highest rated in-forms available in FUT.

Throughout TOTS, EA Sports will also be unveiling a number of new packs. This is the first time these packs have ever been offered in FUT, according to EA. Each pack is geared to help you get the players you need to fill up your squad.

Team of the Season Tournaments
Over the course of TOTS, EA will have a handful of in-game tournaments to take part in. On top of new tournaments, There will be cool rewards based on the number of TOTS-specific tournaments you win in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The more TOTS tournaments you win, the bigger and better the prizes you get. Specific tournament and prizing information will be available once they go live in-game.

Team of the Season items are available by chance when opening FIFA Ultimate Team Packs.


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