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FIFA Street Feedback

Have you played FIFA Street demo already? Here we invite you to give your feedback, comments and reviews for FIFA Street, to share it with other FIFA gamers and the FIFA Street developers.

Use the comment form below to submit your feedback and review. We will review your comments and make it online as soon as possible.

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8 thoughts on “FIFA Street – Your Feedback

  1. defending is a joke!
    360degree movement is a must.
    I think you should take the player movement from FIFA and just add more skills. I find dribbling (without constantly doing tricks) near impossible.
    Also something has got to be done about the difficulty and unlocks. The CPU is a joke on hard. Besides that, more shoes/clothing/ect.

  2. my ideas for the new fifa street, that i hope come back in 2013:

    -the IA: is for me the most important point to improve

    -customization: this point must improve, specially the faces and the bodies.

    -the shots: in futsal (my favorite gameplay) is very very difficult get a goal shoting farther than 4 meters…

    -i hope you can create more than a team by user

    -online: more gameplays and play vs teams similar than yours like fifa 12, not always vs 99 rate teams.

    -can choose to make or no substitutions in the matchs

    sorry for my diction, i´m spanish

  3. where is the custom music?game face?a lot of national teams and clubs is missing!panna rules and last man online..clubs and national teams for online? are those who make the game idiots?or we are who bought the game?

  4. I love the new direction FIFA Street has taken with more realism but honestly the AI can be incredibly frustrating.
    – Defenders tend to hesitate way too much to go after loose balls even right near them
    – The responses seem a bit delayed for some reason in defenders movements.
    – Defenders have a hard time dispossessing Attackers even if the ball is in a good position for them (and even when the Defender pokes the ball away they hesitate to go for the ball too much or sometimes won’t go for it at all despite the command to do so…)
    Lack of variety in the game…it almost feels like it’s just a DLC to FIFA
    – Pretty bummed out that the Game Face feature was left out
    – Customization should be at par with the regular FIFA if not better
    – World Tour seems to be pretty much the main premise of the game and after that is finished the game seems to lose some of it’s lasting appeal. (And the World Tour itself is a bit short)
    – Should be able to customize pitches
    – The number of teams is way too small

  5. i am looking the net about fifa street and looking boards, forums everybody and me say this: Why we cant play pana rules and last man standing in online mod? why we cant play as fifa 12 the real teams competitions i want to play divison with real team take cup with real team and want to se how much points needed for pass the divisions only show first 3, i want to see like fifa 12 (points i get)

  6. fifa street demo is cool the only thing is the cpu player, like fifa 12 cpu is not that smart. even messi sometimes is stupid and wont score empty net

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