FIFA Mobile – World Cancer Day

FIFA Mobile World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day event is available from 4 until 11 February 2020 in FIFA Mobile.

This event is to help raise awareness for World Cancer Day on February 4th. Play through this event for special rewards. EA are hoping for the life of ATM, EA’s Community Manager who passed away from cancer in the past December.

Play this the drills and match daily for Awareness Points and Skill Boosts. After playing through the path, open the ATMN Pack 4 time for extra rewards. The more Awareness Points you acquire through playing the event, the greater your rewards.

World Cancer Day

You can play through the path in this chapter. There are 5 skill games and a match to complete the path. The path resets every 24 hours. You will be rewarded with an ATM Pack after completing the path. ATM Pack includes coins, Training XP and Skill Boosts.

As bonus rewards, you can also claim more Skill Boosts and an ATM Logo in this section. Below is the list of these bonus rewards and their Awareness Points requirements:

  • 150 x Skill Points – 20 Awareness Points
  • 400 x Skill Points – 70 Awareness Points
  • ATM Logo – 20 Awareness Points

ATM Memorial

This chapter is just a memorial for ATM (Peter), FIFA Mobile community manager. ATM was a respected member of Fifa Mobile community before he joined EA as Fifa Mobile Community Manager over two years ago. More information about him can be found in the ATM Memorial chapter.


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