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Top Transfers FIFA Mobile

Top Transfer event is available from 7 to 21 April 2022 in FIFA Mobile. This program features the top transfers from the real world in FIFA Mobile and allows you to earn top transfer players.

By playing Top Transfer event you can earn Transfer and Contract Points to claim special rewards such as transfer players.

  • Duration: April 7th to April 21st (14 Days)

To earn Transfer Points and Negotiation Points, complete Daily Quests. Claim Top Transfer Players and Negotiation Points with Transfer Points. In exchange for Contract Points, you can trade in Transfer Players at the Exchange. To negotiate for players, use Negotiation Points in the Transfer Windows. To ensure the signing of a player, use Contract Points. Obtain even bonus rewards by completing milestones.

Here are the key dates for this event:

  • Transfer Window 1: April 7th – April 10th
  • Transfer Window 2: April 10th – April 13th
  • Transfer Window 3: April 13th – April 16th
  • Transfer Window 4: April 16th – April 21st


To begin, let’s look at the Daily Quests. Certain Daily Quests allow you to earn Transfer Points and Negotiation Points by completing them. Transfer Points can be used to claim Transfer Players and Negotiation Points in the Transfer Offer. In the Transfer Windows, you can employ Negotiation Points; read on to discover more.

Daily Quests Reward 1 Reward 2
Play 3 Division Rivals Matches 10 Transfer Points 80 Negotiation Points
Win 2 Division Rivals Matches 15 Transfer Points 80 Negotiation Points
Score 30 Goals 10 Transfer Points 80 Negotiation Points
Complete 2 Skill Games or Matches in Daily Training 10 Transfer Points 80 Negotiation Points
Play 4 Skill Games or Matches in Events 10 Transfer Points 80 Negotiation Points
Complete all Daily Quests 100 Negotiation Points

Transfer Windows

The various Transfer Windows are where you may put your Negotiation and Contract Points to good use! Begin the signing process for those new players! It’s important to remember that not all negotiations will go well.

When you fail to sign a new recruit through negotiation, the majority of your Negotiation Points will be returned to you, along with Coins and Club Score. When you successfully sign a Player, you will receive Club Score. Negotiations are time-consuming and exhausting! When you start a Player negotiation, there is a cooldown period that will be indicated during the negotiation, so play properly. Using your Contract Points, you can instantly sign a player.

Negotiation Points Cost Contract Points Cost Cooldown Successful Negotiation Rewards Failed Negotiation Rewards
3000 300 12 Hours 93 OVR Player
950 Club Score
2500 Negotiation Points
75 000 Coins
225 Club Score
2250 200 10 Hours 92 OVR Player
550 Club Score
2000 Negotiation Points
35 000 Coins
100 Club Score
1500 140 9 Hours 91 OVR Player
395 Club Score
1250 Negotiation Points
30 000 Coins
85 Club Score
1250 100 8 Hours 90 OVR Player
300 Club Score
1100 Negotiation Points
25 000 Coins
60 Club Score
1000 50 6 Hours 89 OVR Player
200 Club Score
900 Negotiation Points
15 000 Coins
45 Club Score


The Club Score indicates how far you’ve progressed toward the Milestones in the Main Chapter. To claim Players, Resources, and a Top Transfer, progress through the Milestones. Don’t forget about the extra Milestone for Jay-Jay Okocha, an Enhanced Base Icon 90 OVR RM.


Several Exchanges will be open during the Top Transfer Event where you can swap in Event Players for Contract Points.

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  1. Filled the transfer meter receiving skill boosts, coins, and sub 90 players. Then once the meter was filled I got 85 Cavallini on my next go?!?! What a waste.

  2. I completed the transfer meter twice and have not received anything after completion, how does it work?

  3. I filled the transfer meter, but where can I get the player it promised for filling it? Thank you

  4. Hi there. I filled the transfer window to 8/8 but now it has reset before the second wave. Will that have been stored/ registered or has mine glitched? Thanks a lot!

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