FIFA Mobile TOTS (Team of the Season)


Team of the Season (TOTS) event is available in FIFA Mobile for 7 weeks from 11 May until 30 June. TOTS event highlights the top leagues in the world as well as EA custom leagues. TOTS will be debuting a new league each week, featuring exclusive players to that league.

Event Details

  • Event Duration: 7 Weeks (52 Days)
  • Reset: Every 12 hours
  • Currencies: TOTS Points, TOTS Energy, TOTS Player Shards
  • Rewards
    • TOTS Players
    • Prime Icon Players
    • XP
    • Training XP
    • Coins
    • Boosts
    • Coins

First off, the activities will update to the active league of that given week. This means that any league specific rewards, if applicable, will be relative to the active league that week.

Users will engage in activities to grind TOTS Energy and TOTS Points. TOTS Points are used to purchase resources such as Training XP, Coins, and Boosts. And, we have introduced a brand-new way to acquire players in TOTS this year – you will collect TOTS Player Shards for specific players from the active league that week and use them to claim those respective players. You can also exchange excess TOTS Player Shards for TOTS Points.

Users will choose three of five activities that refresh every 12 hours. Upon completing any of the three activities, users will unlock the bonus node which provides TOTS Points and TOTS Player Shards.

TypeStamina CostXPTOTS Energy (Win)TOTS Energy (Tie)TOTS Energy (Lose)
Skill Game266NANA
Full Match266NANA
VS Attack26654
Head 2 Head26654
Watching Ad006NANA

By claiming the bonus node, you will claim 30 TOTS points as well as five specific TOTS Player Shards.

TOTS Points can be exchanged for the following rewards:

RewardReward AmountTOTS Points Cost
Training XP20,00020
Common Boosts20020
Rare Boosts10020
Epic Boosts4020
Legendary Boosts1020

Leagues unlock weekly, with a new league dropping every Friday at noon PST through June 2. Here are the headline features of leagues:

  • Each league will have 1 Reserve Slot and 11 Starter Slots. This is where users can earn TOTS Player Shards for those specific players.
  • Each league will have a specific Prime Icon that can be acquired by satisfying claim requirements.
  • Users will need to claim a specific number of starters in a given league to have access to that league’s Prime Icon.
  • In leagues, users have the option of exchanging TOTS Energy for that league’s Player Shards.
  • Claiming Starter Players will award UTOTS Bonus Points.

To earn specific TOTS Player Shards for a given player, users can engage with a Match challenge or offers that costs TOTS Energy.

EventTOTS Energy CostReward
Full Match (Limit 1 Ever)1010 Player Shards
Sim102-5 Player Shards
10x Sim10020-50 Player Shards

Player Shard costs may differ per league, and we will be updating this post weekly as new leagues are released with applicable player costs and requirements for that specific league.

Every week except the first week, we will be releasing a weekend tournament alongside that new league. Community TOTS will not have a tournament, but all subsequent leagues will.

  • Users will play VSA matches to earn Tournament Power, which will advance them in the Tournament Power RewardsTournament Power is not spent, it is a threshold.
  • A maximum of 100 OVR with all players being 80 OVR or higher will be a requirement for the first tournament.
  • Users will earn Tournament Power based on wins/draws/losses.
  • Users can earn bonus Tournament Power on wins if their lineups fulfill specific conditions.
  • Users will use TOTS Energy or FIFA Points to buy into the tournament. Users will be given 10 Tournament Tickets. Each match will cost a tournament ticket to engage in – a win will return one tournament ticket, while a loss or draw will return zero tickets.

For matches, the following tournament power and returned ticket allocation is as follows:

MatchesTournament PowerReturned Tournament Tickets

As stated above, you can earn bonus Tournament Power upon winning matches by having specific players in your lineup. The bonuses can be achieved by the following:

Bonus ConditionsBonus Power (On Win)
1 Starter from league8
2 Reserves or Starters from league5
5 Starters from league3

The various buy-in costs can be achieved by using TOTS Energy or FIFA points. The costs are as follows:

Buy-InTOTS Energy CostFP CostTournament Tickets

NOTE: After the 5th buy-in, the Energy/FP cost stays the same

Lastly, there are many amazing rewards to be had from the tournament. Here’s a list of what can be achieved:

RewardTotal Reward RequiredRewardReward Amount
275Main League Reverse1
3125League Shards (Chunks of 5)10
4225Training XP100,000
6475League Shards (Chunks of 5)20
7625Main League Player Slot + League User Logo1
8825Training XP250,000
91025League Shards (Chunks of 5)/td>30
101325Choice Currency1

So, this is TOTS in a nutshell. Essentially, you will:

  • Participate in Daily Activities to earn TOTS Energy and TOTS Points
  • Earn TOTS Player Shards in the League Chapters
  • Earn all sorts of amazing rewards during the league-specific Weekend Tournaments

This page will be updated with the new leagues, player OVRs and player costs every week when a new TOTS league is added to the event.

TOTS Players

Here are the TOTS Players you can earn as reward in FIFA Mobile TOTS event:

  • ST: Lewandowski (98)
  • CAM: Reus (97)
  • ST: Jović (96)
  • RB: Kimmich (95)
  • RM: Sancho (95)
  • CAM: Havertz (94)
  • LB: Halstenberg (94)
  • CAM: Brandt (93)
  • GK: Trapp (92)
  • LWB: Kostić (91)
  • RWB: Da Costa (90)
  • CDM: Witsel (93)
  • CAM: Bruno Fernandes (93)
  • ST: Werner (93)
  • ST: Volland (92)
  • RW: Gnabry (91)
  • CF: Kruse (90)
  • RW: Hazard (90)
  • LM: Schulz (89)
  • GK: Sommer (88)
  • CM: Eggestein (88)
  • CM: Kampl (87)
  • CB: Hasebe (86)
  • CM: Demerby (85)
Prime Icons
  • CM: Ballack (98)
  • GK: Ederson (95)
  • LW: Mané (95)
  • LM: Son (94)
  • CF: Aubameyang (93)
  • ST: Lacazette (92)
  • CM: Wijnaldum (90)
  • CDM: Rice (89)
  • LM: Fraser (88)
  • CAM: Maddson (87)
  • RWB: Doherty (87)
  • LB: Digne (86)
  • RB: Alexander-Arnold (92)
  • CM: Bernardo Silva (93)
  • CB: Laporte (94)
  • CDM: Fernandinho (94)
  • CAM: Eriksen (94)
  • LB: Robertson (95)
  • RW: Salah (96)
  • ST: Agüero (96)
  • GK: Alisson (97)
  • CB: Van Dijk (98)
  • CF: Aubameyang (93)
Prime Icons
  • ST: Henry (98)
  • CDM: Rodri (91)
  • CM: Thiago (90)
  • GK: Onana (89)
  • CM: Can (89)
  • CB: Stones (88)
  • CB: Felipe (88)
  • CAM: Oscar (88)
  • LB: Tagliafico (87)
  • RM: Sissoko (87)
  • LM: Carrasco (86)
  • LB: Roussillon (85)
  • CM: Joāo Moutinho (85)
  • LW: Bergwijn (90)
  • RB: Van-Bissaka (90)
  • LWB: Alex Telles (91)
  • CB: Alderweireld (92)
  • ST: Ibrahimovic (92)
  • ST: Haller (93)
  • CM: Allan (93)
  • CM: Ndombele (94)
  • CB: Süle (95)
  • CDM: Sergio Busquets (96)
  • GK: Ter Stegen (97)
Prime Icons
  • LB: Roberto Carlos (97)

Pack Offers

There will be pack offers in FIFA Mobile Store during the TOTS event:

  • TOTS Energy Pack
  • Small Entry Pack
  • Med. Entry Pack
  • Large Entry Pack
  • TOTS Community Pack
  • TOTS Community Bundle Pack

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13 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile TOTS (Team of the Season)

  1. I bought a TOTS reserve in store for 0.99$ and he hasn’t appeared in my players list. Need help asap

  2. Hi is it possible to claim Allan? I played VSA H2H and opened 2 packs and also won almost all VSA and H2H. I have 82 Allan Shards and 25 TOTS Energy… I will probably open ONE more pack, but is it still possible to claim Allan??

    1. Yes, Allan is available to claim as Community reward in the Community chapter for 100 Allan Shards. Use your TOTS Energy to earn Allan shards and claim it when you have 100 Allan shards.

  3. hi…i have got a problem…i can not play H2H or VSA match…i have 98 ovarall and 120 chem..when i enter the event, i see activities claimed….bt i didnt play any matches,,,so who can play both??

    1. VSA and H2H matches were not available on the first day of TOTS event. There is no Team OVR limitation for VSA/H2H. It should be playable now, please try again.

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