FIFA Mobile TOTSSF (Team of the Season So Far)


Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) event is available in FIFA Mobile from 7 May 2020 (8pm UK).

EA announced that due to the suspension of football leagues around the world this year, there will be a special TOTS event which is called Team of the Season So Far (instead of TOTS). Read more on TOTSSF.

  • Event Duration: 42 Days (May 7th – June 18th)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily (giving 3 Team Energy per ad watch)
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 9 Team Energy for 125,000 coins
  • Energy: Team Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Team Energy

Play Skills Games, VS Attack, and H2H Matches in TOTSSF event to earn TOTSSF Points. Use these points to earn TOTSSF Players, FIFA Coins, Skills Boosts, Training XP and more rewards. You can also earn Reserve Tokens from the League Chapters and spend them to earn TOTSSF Reserve Players. UTOTSSF Points are earned from Starters along the League Paths. You can also earn Bonus UTOTSSF Points by completing all of the Matches in the Special League Chapters.

Here you can find the details for each chapters and sections in FIFA Mobile TOTSSF event:


In this chapter, use your Team Energy to play Skill Games, VSA Matches and H2H Matches to gain TOTSSF Points.


Additional TOTSSF Points are also available by acquiring a set threshold every week:


As an optional bonus, you can also play 2 daily matches to receive some extra players and skill boosts – with the possibility of Global TOTSSF Players. Global TOTSSF Players are some of the best players in their respective leagues from all over the world.


Squad Building Challenges

There is a new SBC available every week during TOTSSF. Exchange TOTSSF and other Players for 50 Common and 30 Rare Rank Shards.

TOTSSF League Releases

Every Thursday, there will be new TOTSSF Leagues released with one or more Global Leagues. Ultimate TOTSSF will include some of the highest rated players seen in FIFA Mobile, starting 11th of June.


League Specials

With each weekly release every Thursday during TOTSSF, there will also be the addition of League Specials! Play matches against teams from the TOTSSF League of the week to earn Global League TOTSSF Players, League Logos, Hazard Keys and other rewards. Each League Special only lasts 1 week – make sure to finish them in time. Complete every Special Chapter to earn Bonus UTOTSSF Points.

TOTSSF Starters

Claim your hard-earned TOTSSF Points along the Weekly TOTSSF Path for Coins, Skills Boosts, Training XP, Rank Shards, and TOTSSF Players. Additional milestones, like claiming multiple TOTSSF Starters, can reward you with UTOTSSF Players or even a 103 OVR Prime Icon!

FIFA Mobile TOTSSF Starters

TOTSSF Reserves

You can use your Reserve Tokens on Reserve Offers for each League and acquire TOTSSF Reserve Players from that League. Each Reserve TOTSSF Players can be acquired once and then replaced with Coins or Skill Boosts. After getting 8 rewards from Reserve Offers within a single League, you will get a guaranteed new TOTSSF Reserve Player! New Reserve rewards will be added weekly along with the TOTSSF League releases every Thursday.

Ultimate TOTSSF

Spend UTOTSSF Points on Starters and Reserves in Ultimate TOTSSF. Starters will cost 100+ UTOTSSF Points. Reserves will cost 60+ UTOTSSF Points. UTOTSSF Players and their OVRs will be revealed when UTOTSSF launches on June 11th, 19:00 UTC. Also, play through all the Special Chapters to earn more UTOTSSF Points. And finally, claim 5 UTOTSSF Starters to unlock the UTOTSSF Prime Icon.

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27 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile TOTSSF (Team of the Season So Far)

  1. Does anybody know how long UTOTSSF will be an active event? (like, when you still can spend points on it)

  2. Guys,
    I have logged in after a long break and found myself during LaLiga special in TOTSSF event.I haven’t collected the EPL and Community Special Logos.
    Do I have anyway to collect them so that I could unlock 50 UTOTSSF points during its unravelling.
    Please suggest

  3. I’m doing ok on this so far. Got my 95 Robertson but how the hell have people got De Bruyne 102 and VVD 100 already? Am I missing a trick?

    1. No, they put in thousands of dollars into the game to get points and get all the high-end player cards, these players also get the impossible icons you see in events.

      1. Ok thanks.
        I’ve worked out if I complete all the community timelines and achieve all the Logo’s I could get Van Dijk at a push but no other player. Impossible events.

  4. Can anyone help winning the Game against Seattle TOTSSF Mission, have to win 10 TACKLINGS to succed. Can onlly make 5! Thx. Have a nice Game.

    1. If you have already noticed you are 3-0 ahead so just sent the ball out of play deliberately so that the opponents get a throw in, after a throw in its pretty easy to tackle. Repeat it throughout the match and you can do more than 10 . Be careful on the defence part too as the opponent tends to score pretty successfully

    2. I put defenders on all positions, and changed sides of RB and LB, then I kick the ball to sideline or endline, or just shoot to save time. When opponent got ball, I simply press “tackle” or swipe to sliding tackle.

    1. Ikr dude, I was so hyped it was coming out today but looks like EA are so dumb their timing is also super bad like their brains

      1. Hey man fifa is not dumb you are dumb . India’s time is 24 hours more than that country where official fifa is prensent .
        Therefore there 7th may is our 8th may .

    2. Hey bro OFFICIAL FIFAMOBILE has declared that it will come on 7th may 2020 but it is according to their dates . In india every date is 1 day more than there one . Thus there 7th may means our 8th may . It will come on 8th may as our indian date

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