FIFA Mobile – Retro Stars

FIFA Mobile Retro Stars

Ultimate Memories: Retro Stars event is on FIFA Mobile from Thursday, 30 September 2021 and is available for 3 weeks. Play Skill Games and Matches in this event, earn rewards from the Arcade Claw, and look for elite players in Rad City.

  • Duration: 21 Days (30 September – 21 October)
  • Ads: 3 Ads daily giving 7 Retro Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 4 daily Coin Pack giving 7 Retro Energy for 100,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 300 Gumball Tokens and 100 Retro Score for Retro Pass progression
  • Energy: Retro Energy refreshing 1 per hour with a max of 21

To get Retro Points and Arcade Tokens, complete a path of Skill Games and Matches. In Rad City, Retro Points can be used to purchase rewards and players. Gumball Tokens can be used to earn Daily Featured Rewards and to advance along the Milestone Path. To progress down the Milestone Path, use Arcade Tokens for Players. For extra players, play VSA or H2H in Midweek Madness.

Retro Room

In this room, to get Retro Points, play 6 skill games and 1 match. As a completion bonus, complete the daily journey to collect 100 Arcade Tokens. The journey can only be completed once a day.

Type Cost Win Reward Loss Reward
6 Skill Games 7 Retro Energy 200 Retro Points 7 Retro Energy
1 Final Match 7 Retro Energy 300 Retro Points 7 Retro Energy
Completion Bonus 100 Arcade Tokens

Rad City

On your way to a range of rewards, use Retro Points. Some Rad City Nodes will give you a 94+ OVR player at random, while others will give you a guaranteed 94+ OVR player.

There’s a chance you’ll get an additional prize for each path node you access. Extra Arcade Tokens, Gumball Tokens, Base Currency, Emote/User Logo, and even a 107 OVR Player are all possibilities. Only one Trinket can be claimed at a time. You will receive all of the benefits if you claim every node on the Rad City trail.

Milestones Reward
Use 35,000 Retro Points Choice of 110 OVR Player
Use 40,000 Retro Points Event Icon 101 OVR ST Andriy Shevchenko
Use 50,000 Retro Points Prime Icon 112 OVR GK Lev Yashin

Arcade Claw

Earn more Retro Stars Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, and Training XP by using your Arcade Tokens here. You’ll get a guaranteed Player after 10 pulls. Every week, new players are added to the Arcade Claw.

Daily Milestone Reward
Time Limit Use 200 Arcade Tokens
100 Gumball Tokens Refreshes Daily

You can advance down the Milestone Path by using your Arcade Tokens. Earn Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, Retro Points, Players, and Common, Epic, and Legendary Shards as you go through the game.

Retro Stars 107 OVR CM Bernardo Silva

Arcade Tokens Spent Reward
400 500 Skill Boosts

500 Retro Points

130,000 Training XP

750 Skill Boosts

1500 Retro Points
1500 250,000 Training XP
1800 1,750 Skill Boosts

200 Common Shards
2200 1,250,000 Coins
2500 Retro Stars 101 OVR ST Alexander Isak
3000 450,000 Training XP
3500 65 Epic Shards
4000 3000 Skill Boosts
4500 40 Legendary Shards


Swing by the Gumball Machines to see if you can earn the Daily Featured Rewards! To get Retro Stars Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Arcade Tokens, and Retro Points, use your Gumball Tokens at any of the three Gumball Machines. Gumball Machines #1 and #2 are 100 Tokens each, while Gumball Machine #3 is 200 Tokens. One claim per day is allowed for Gumball Machine #3. Each Gumball Machine has a varied chance of rewarding you.

Every day, a new Featured Player and other rotating awards will be revealed. Spend a set quantity of Gumball Tokens to earn Milestone prizes.

Gumball Tokens Spent Reward
300 87,500 Training XP
500 500 Skill Boosts
1000 750,000 Coins
2000 75 Common Shards
3000 180,000 Training XP
4000 1,000,000 Coins
5000 50 Rare Shards
6000 30 Epic Shards
6500 10 Legendary Shards
7000 175,000 Training XP
7500 1000 Skill Boosts
8000 1,500,000 Coins
8500 50 Epic Shards
9000 10 Legendary Shards
10000 Retro Stars 105 OVR CM Rafinha

Midweek Madness

Play VS Attack and H2H matches to receive bonus rewards.

  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Health per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 3 Daily Coin Packs that give 5 Health for 50,000 coins.
  • Duration: Midweek Madness is open from Thursday 19:00 UTC to Sunday 19:00 UTC for all 3 weeks of Retro Stars.
  • Energy: Health starts at 15 after tapping “Start” and does not increase over time. Health does not carry over from week to week.
Type Cost Win Reward Win Reward 2 Draw Reward Loss Reward
VSA 1 Health 10 Madness Points Regain your 1 Health Regain your 1 Health
H2H 2 Health 20 Madness Points Regain your 2 Health Regain your 2 Health

To get Madness Points, you must win VS Attack or Head to Head matchups. Use your Madness Points to get one of the five weekly deals. Every week, Madness provides a breath of new air. Week to week, Madness Points do not carry over.

Weekly Offers Cost
Base Currency (Skill Boosts/Coins/TXP)* 10 Madness Points
100 OVR Player 80 Madness Points
103 OVR Player 200 Madness Points
106 OVR Player 400 Madness Points
108 OVR Player 500 Madness Points

*50 Skill Boosts in Week 1, 10,000 Training XP in Week 2, and 50,000 Coins in Week 3. The buying limit for all three is 125.

Retro Pass

Every day, come here to claim additional incentives. A premium path is available for more incentives.

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28 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile – Retro Stars

  1. Your comments …what the heck I just competed the first dungeon and the others are not showing up…. this event sucks. there are still two weeks to go… FIFA better get it fix so far NO ONE’S happy..

  2. I didnt like this event… its difficult to win regards, limited actions and the retro dungeon isn’t working after i conclude one chapter

    1. Guys the event is so hard i mean i havent played since may so my team has 98 ovr and these guys want me to play against a 120 ovr team while 4 nil i mean all i do is login daily get tje keys ang get coins btw wat comes in the power pack im gonna buy it

  3. well its really hard to beat 110 OVR team to get a boss key.
    That team is playing like its 120+ OVR team.

  4. Have a ovr 115 and can not beat any boss? No way to to get more “stamina” for the event. This sucks!

  5. I have a 116 OVR team, and really Retro Stars is to hard to play, unless you spend a lot of money to purchase Boss keys and Retro Hearts.

  6. EA please in Fifa Mobile 20 give you the interest for this game and for players because Fifa Mobile 19 is a disaster!

  7. So hard…cmon guys, i have 107 ovr and against.105 they win with 3 goal ahead and they are playing so fast,this event is made just for money!!!

    1. exactly bro,
      we can get 1 key in 2 days so 21 days = 10 keys (approximately) we have no chance upon the bosses
      only ones who spend lots of cash can have em..
      on the contrary i could easily defeat 105 team by 4-2.. (my team is 104 ovr)

      1. Last year’s event was more successful than this one. The game’s producers no longer give their interest to the players! The event has no logic!

        1. No good players at all… event is very hard to play even in 110 ovr…no tots/toty player…the biggest s*** event ever

  8. Why these bad players
    Why no toty and tots players
    I like the game but after that I’m not happy
    I think this will be a great event but it is all trash

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