FIFA Mobile – Retro Stars

FIFA Mobile Retro Stars

Retro Stars event is coming to FIFA Mobile on Friday, 7 August 2020.

By playing Retro Stars event on FIFA Mobile you will have the opportunity to upgrade Players from earlier events and make them current again. It also adds player items for players who do not have a lot of items yet.

  • Duration: 21 Days (6 to 27 August)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Neon Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 Weekly Coin Packs that give 12 Neon Energy for 150K coins
  • Energy: Neon Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Neon Energy

Retro Stars event reintroduces players from past events. These players are coming from the following events such as Football Freeze, Lunar New Year and Easter.

Play Skill Games, VS Attack, and H2H Matches in Retro Stars event and earn Retro Points. Use this points along the Retro Room Path to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Players, Arcade Tokens and other rewards. Play Retro Matches to earn Arcade Tokens and other rewards. Spend Arcade Tokens in the Arcade Box to earn Players, Coins and Skill Boosts.

Retro Stars Chapter

Play Skill Games, VSA Matches and H2H Matches using your Neon Points to get Retro Points.

Match Type Cost Win Rewards Draw Rewards Loss Rewards
Skill Games 3 Neon Energy 10 Retro Points N/A 5 Retro Points
VS Attack 3 Neon Energy 15 Retro Points 10 Retro Points 5 Retro Points
H2H 3 Neon Energy 15 Retro Points 10 Retro Points 5 Retro Points

Play a Match Type 15 times to unlock a Bonus Match that offers 100 Arcade Tokens. Earn Daily Retro Points when you use 20 Neon Energy. The amount of Retro Points you receive depends on the total amount of Neon Energy you’ve used to date.

Daily Milestone Requirement Total Neon Energy Spent Milestone Reward
Use 20 Neon Energy Between 0-149 25 Retro Points
Use 20 Neon Energy Between 150-299 50 Retro Points
Use 20 Neon Energy Between 300-499 100 Retro Points
Use 20 Neon Energy 500 and over 200 Retro Points

Retro Room Path

Redeem your Retro Points in this chapter to earn Retro Stars Players. Claim 4 Path Players to earn a 99 OVR End of an Era CDM Bruno Soriano. Earn 6000 Retro Points to earn a 100 OVR Player. Claim both 104 OVR Path Players to earn 106 OVR Prime Icon Robert Pires.

Arcade Claw Chapter

Use your Retro Tokens in the Arcade Claw to earn Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts. The more times you play, the more milestones you unlock.

Milestone Requirement Milestone Reward
Play Arcade Claw 10 Times 30 Common Rank Shards
Play Arcade Claw 15 Times EOE 99 OVR LB Leighton Baines
Play Arcade Claw 30 Times 40 Rare Rank Shards

Retro Memory Chapters

Play Matches in Retro Memory Chapters to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Retro Points, Players, Hazard Keys, and Logos. Complete an SBC with 11 Master Players to earn extra Coins. Earn all the available Hazard Keys to earn a 99 OVR End of an Era Mario Gomez (ST).

Retro Memory Chapter – Week 2

Play Skill Games for random rewards, including a Hazard Key. Complete all 9 Skill Games for an extra 100 Retro Points. This chapter counts towards the EOE Mario Gomez milestone.


There are 2 weekly SBCs available for Retro Stars! Exchange Retro Stars and other Players for Common, Rare, and Epic Rank Shards.

SBC Limit Req 1 Req 2 Reward Reward 2
Rank SBC 1 1 Per Week 2 86+ Retro Stars Players 3 other 86+ Players 50 Common Rank Shards 30 Rare Rank Shards
Rank SBC 2 1 Per Week 2 90+ Retro Stars Players 3 other 90+ Players 30 Rare Rank Shards 15 Epic Rank Shards

Retro Stars Players


You can redeem top players from the past events by playing the Retro Stars.

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28 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile – Retro Stars

  1. Your comments …what the heck I just competed the first dungeon and the others are not showing up…. this event sucks. there are still two weeks to go… FIFA better get it fix so far NO ONE’S happy..

  2. I didnt like this event… its difficult to win regards, limited actions and the retro dungeon isn’t working after i conclude one chapter

    1. Guys the event is so hard i mean i havent played since may so my team has 98 ovr and these guys want me to play against a 120 ovr team while 4 nil i mean all i do is login daily get tje keys ang get coins btw wat comes in the power pack im gonna buy it

  3. well its really hard to beat 110 OVR team to get a boss key.
    That team is playing like its 120+ OVR team.

  4. Have a ovr 115 and can not beat any boss? No way to to get more “stamina” for the event. This sucks!

  5. I have a 116 OVR team, and really Retro Stars is to hard to play, unless you spend a lot of money to purchase Boss keys and Retro Hearts.

  6. EA please in Fifa Mobile 20 give you the interest for this game and for players because Fifa Mobile 19 is a disaster!

  7. So hard…cmon guys, i have 107 ovr and against.105 they win with 3 goal ahead and they are playing so fast,this event is made just for money!!!

    1. exactly bro,
      we can get 1 key in 2 days so 21 days = 10 keys (approximately) we have no chance upon the bosses
      only ones who spend lots of cash can have em..
      on the contrary i could easily defeat 105 team by 4-2.. (my team is 104 ovr)

      1. Last year’s event was more successful than this one. The game’s producers no longer give their interest to the players! The event has no logic!

        1. No good players at all… event is very hard to play even in 110 ovr…no tots/toty player…the biggest shit event ever

  8. Why these bad players
    Why no toty and tots players
    I like the game but after that I’m not happy
    I think this will be a great event but it is all trash

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