FIFA Mobile – New Years

FIFA Mobile New Years Event

FIFA Mobile New Years event is available from December 31, 2019 (10am UTC) to January 01, 2020 (10am UTC).

Play and win matches using the New Years Energy to earn New Years Points. Spend your New Years Points to purchase Countdown Offers. Countdown offers update every hour.

A new chapter will be available each hour (Hour chapters), reach the bottom of the of the countdown to ring in the New Year.

Every countdown completed brings you closer to unlocking New Years special players in the New Years Players chapter.

Packs and Bundles

There are pack offers for the New Years in the Store during this event:

  • New Years Starter Offer – Price: $11
  • New Years Offer – Price: 1,000 Points / 2,500 Gems
  • New Years Bundle – Price: 5,000 Points / 12,500 Gems


Here is the list of New Years players which you can redeem during the event:

  • CB: Duffy (94)
  • LM: Perisic (92)
  • CM: Sensi (91)
  • ST: Zardes (90)

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  1. Any1 wanna join my league there’s 4 of us I’ve just started it I’m a 95 overall with 120 chemistry drop a message or comment below with your fifa name and team overall and il send u a invite

  2. Please make a highly ranking FC Bayern player beacuse in the game English team very high of ranking that’s very very unfair

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