FIFA Mobile – League Heroes

League Heroes event in FIFA Mobile

League Heroes event is available in FIFA Mobile from 4 May until the end of the season. This event features a selection of new players as reward.

Event Details

  • Event Duration: Unlimited
  • Reset: Every day
  • Currencies: League Hero Points
  • OVR Unlocks: 100
  • Rewards
    • League Hero Players
    • XP
    • Coins

On a daily basis, you will be able to play three skill games during this event. Each skill game will reveal a logo, and the more logos you have that match, the higher your daily reward will be. You can collect your reward after revealing your logos, which provides particular League Hero Points as well as gold or better players if you matched enough logos. The participants in this event are claimed using League Hero Points, which are unique to each of the four tiers. Following are the daily awards for finishing all three skill games:

Final Reward League Hero Point Rewards Player Rewards
No Matching Logo 3 Points
2 Logos 3 Points 1 Gold Player
3 Logos 4 Points 2 Gold Players

You can spend your League Hero Points to claim players at each tier after you’ve claimed yours. There are four tiers of players in all, plus a few bonus players. Those specific League Hero Points will no longer be dropped by claimed players. The following are the players and the costs they must claim:

League Heroes Rewards

Below is the information on the points earned in this event:

Points Rewards

Each day, you will earn League Points by playing three skill games. Each victory will result in the placement of a League Piece on the map. You can collect your prize once all three pieces have been presented.

Bonus Rewards

If at least two of the League Pieces on the map are the same, you’ll get a bonus.

League Hero Points

League Hero Points are used to claim the players.

League Points

League Points can be used to unlock League Hero Players in the Rewards chapter. You will no longer gain League Points for a League Hero Player once you have obtained him.


League Heroes program features 2 chapters:


Every day, you can gain 4 points by playing three skill games in the Main chapter. After you win a Skill Game, a League Piece will appear in this chapter. On the right hand side of this chapter’s screen, you’ll find Daily Rewards.


In the Rewards chapter, use your League Heroes Points to claim players as rewards. The Rewards section also includes certain special offerings, such as the League Heroes Pack.

League Hero Players

Here is the list of League Heoes Players that you can claim in in this event:

  • CF: Wilson Eduardo (89)
  • LW: Diego Perotti (88)
  • CM: Maximilian Arnold (88)
  • RB: Ricardo Pereira (88)
  • ST: Bas Dost (88)
  • CB: Cristian Zapata (90)
  • GK: Peter Gulácsi (90)
  • ST: Alexandre Lacazette (90)
  • RM: Pizzi (90)
  • ST: Mauro Icardi (92)
  • CDM: Jorginho (92)
  • CB: Pepe (92)
  • CAM: Thomas Müller (94)
  • LB: Andrew Robertson (94)
  • LM: Douglas Costa (98)


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