FIFA Mobile Europa League

FIFA Mobile Europa League

Europa League event is live from 3rd to 10th October 2019 on FIFA Mobile. Play FIFA Mobile Europa League event and earn Europa League special players and rewards.

  • Event: Europa League
  • Type: Matchups
  • Duration: 7 days – October 3rd to October 10th
  • Energy Type: Europa Energy
  • Currency & Token: Europa Tokens
  • Rewards: Skill boosts, UEL and UCL Players

This event has five chapters to play which include four groups. A due will determine which group you will be assigned to. You can also re-draw if you want to play in another group. Your progress in any of the groups will be saved so you can continue playing when you decide to. But, you can no longer access that group until it is drawn again.

Each group has four teams with matches to play with Europa Energy. Collect Europa Tokens to exchange for prizes in the Group Stage chapter.


There are 5 chapters in this event, the main chapter and the group chapters.


Your draw will happen in this chapter. Accept the draw here to reveal your group. You can also watch ads in the main chapter to gain Europa Energy. Once you are assigned to your group after the draw, you can go to your Group chapter and play games.


In the Group chapters, there are four paths, each featuring a different team from the group. To engage in games and matches, you need to spend UEL Energy. By playing games and tokens in your group, you will earn skill boosts and UEFL Tokens.

Upon completion of all four paths, the UEL Group Stage player reward will be unlocked for you. Once the player is claimed, you will be automatically drawn for the next group.


Here is the list of players you can claim in this event. Take note that the UEL players will become auctionable after 22nd of October.

CAM: Òliver Torres (79)Group A
GK: Boyko (79)Group B
ST: Sturridge (79)Group C
CB: Baumgartl (79)Group D
Other Players
  • LW: Di María (89) – UCL Man of the Match
  • CM: Herrera (87) – UCL Man of the Match
  • LW: Fischer (83) – UEFA Europ League Group Stage
  • LB: Novák (83) – UEFA Europ League Group Stage
  • ST: Ángel (82) – UEFA Europ League Group Stage
  • RF: Portillo (78) – UEFA Europ League Group Stage


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