FIFA Mobile UEFA Europa League

FIFA Mobile Europa League

Europa League event is available from 7th to 21st of January 2021 in FIFA Mobile app. Play FIFA Mobile Europa League event and earn Europa League special players and rewards.

  • Event Duration: 7 January to 21 January 2021 (14 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 UEL Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 5 Weekly Coin Packs that give 15 UEL Energy for 20,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 50 UEL Tokens
  • Energy: UEL Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18

Play available Skill Games and Matches in this event to earn UEL Points. Spend UEL Points towards UEL Players and other rewards. Login in daily and complete milestones to earn UEL Tokens. Use your UEL Tokens on various rewards.

UEL Matchups

Play through 2 Skill Games in every matchup to unlock a Match. Winning Skill Games and Matches earns you UEL Points. There are 8 Skill Games and 4 Matches that refresh every day.

Here are the costs and rewards for matches and skill games:

Match Type Cost Win Reward Loss Rewards
Skill Game 3 UEL Energy 10 UEL Points 3 UEL Energy
Match 3 UEL Energy 10 UEL Points 3 UEL Energy

By completing different daily and weekly milestones you can get additional rewards:

Time Milestones Reward
Daily Play 10 Skill Games or Matches 50 UEL Tokens
Weekly Play 20 Matches 10 Common Shards
Weekly Score 50 Goals in Division Rivals 81+ OVR UEL Player


Spend your gained UEL Points along the Reward Path for UEL Players and various rewards.

Milestones Reward
Use 1500 UEL Points 300 UELTokens
Use 2000 UEL Points 20 Rare Rank Shards
Earn the Top 4 Master UEL Players + 10,000 UEL Point Cost Prime Icon 99 OVR ST Fernando Torres


Trade in your UEL Tokens here for various rewards. Choose between the Resource Trade, Elite Trade, or Master Trade Boxes. The Resource Trade Box offers Coins, Skill Boosts, or Training XP. The Elite and Master Trade Boxes offer UEL Players, along with Skill Boosts and Training XP. The Elite and Master Trade Boxes rewards are claimable only once every two days.


These are some of UEL Players you can get from this event. Check out the complete list of FIFA Mobile Europa League Players for more details.

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  1. You can work around the Europa League Group L bug on iPad by:
    – link you account with FB or Game Center
    – install & login on your phone
    – do the getting started experience on the phone
    – log back in on the ipad & it works

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