FIFA Mobile Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead - FIFA Mobile

Celebrate the Halloween in FIFA Mobile by playing the Day of the Dead event starting from 29 October to 5 November 2019.

In this event, you can win Free Kicks in The Field chapter by playing matches and skill games. In The Goal chapter, use Free Kick Tokens to get Goal Points, and utilise Goal Points in the Reward chapter to earn special Players, Boosts, and Coins.

  • Event Type: Free Kick
  • Event Duration: 29 October to 5 November 2019 (7 days)
  • Event Energy Type: Field Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)
  • Event Player Auction Status: Auctionable on release
  • Field Energy Ad: Watch an Ad 4 times per day for 3 energy each time (12 per day)
  • Free Kick Ad: Watch an Ad 3 times a day for 1 free kick each (3 per day)

FIFA Mobile Day of the Dead event has 3 chapters to play:

The Field

The Field chapter is where you may earn Free Kicks and spend them in The Goal chapter by playing skill games and matches. The following is a list of each path in this chapter:

Day of the Dead - The Field

The Goal

You can use your Free Kick Tokens to win Goal points in this chapter. Keep in mind that there are three misses buried in the grid, and missing three times will reset the Goal.


This is where you may use your Goal points in order to trade them for unique Players and deals. The following is a list of possible rewards:

Day of the Dead Rewards


Here is the list of the Day of the Dead Players:

  • RW: Lozano (92)
  • ST: Hernandez (90)
  • RB: Corona (88)
  • CM: Guardado (88)
  • ST: Jimenez (86)
  • CB: Salcedo (86)
  • CB: Alvarez (84)
  • CAM: Pizzaro (84)
  • CM: Gutierrez (82)
  • CB: Araujo (82)
  • LW: Lainez (79)
  • ST: Macias (79)

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  1. this event dont work withe they sad i must rich account level 3
    i dont know what they mean with account level 3
    my level i think 33

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