FIFA Mobile – Colosseum

 FIFA Mobile Colosseum Event

Colosseum event is available from 21 to 25 November 2019 in FIFA Mobile. Play the Colosseum program and earn special Serie A TIM players.

  • Type: Puzzle Battle
  • Duration: 21 to 35 Nov 2019 (4 days)
  • Extra Time: The Leaderboards will be up for an additional 2 days.
  • Ads: 10 Stamina per ad, 2 ads per 12 hours (4 per full day)
  • Stamina Recharge: 8 per hour
  • One time claim: 35 Puzzle tokens when you have at least 5 Puzzle tokens and do not have a full Puzzle.

To unlock this event you need to reach account Level 3 and VSA Amateur III division in FIFA Mobile 20. Here is the flow of the event: Play VS Attack Matches by spending Puzzle Energy. Earn Leaderboard Score and Puzzle tokens. Then, complete Daily Leaderboards for more Puzzle tokens. Use your earned Puzzle Tokens for Puzzle Pieces, each one raising your Leaderboard Score. Repeat and win rewards.

Check the Quests during this event as well. By completing the Colosseum Quests you can claim some additional rewards. Try to complete all quests to redeem a 90 OVR player.

Here is the list of chapters in this event:

VS Attack

Go and play VS Attack matches and earn Leaderboard Score, then increase the number of your Leaderboard Score per match by collecting Puzzle Pieces. You will get the same amount of Puzzle Tokens per Puzzle Stamina, what you need is to choose if you want to play more matches or, if you are confident enough, play some High Stamina matches. Below is the calculations per Win/Draw/Loss in the table:

 FIFA Mobile Colosseum Event


Here you can spend 40 Puzzle Tokens to get a Puzzle Piece which will increase the Leaderboard Score per VS Attack match. By completing the puzzle you can earn the max amount of points and to reveal a picture.

A doubler is also available to purchase in case you want to double the amount of Puzzle Tokens you earn when playing matches. This will allow you to earn more Puzzle Pieces.


Check out the Quests during this event and complete the requirements to earn rewards. Here is the list of these rewards:

 FIFA Mobile Colosseum Quests Rewards


Colosseum has 3 different Leaderboards: Global Leaderboards, “My Group” Leaderboards and Daily Leaderboards. The Global and the “My Group” Leaderboards give rewards based on your ranking over the entire event and the Daily Leaderboards will give daily rewards. Play VS Attack matches in the Colosseum Event to increase your Leaderboard ranking.

 FIFA Mobile Colosseum Leaderboards Rewards


The complete list of Colosseum Serie A TIM players:

  • RM: Mkhitaryan (94)
  • LW: Insigne (92)
  • CB: de Ligt (89)
  • GK: Sirigu (92)
  • CAM: Alconchel (90)
  • ST: Muriel (88)
  • LB: Rodriguez (85)
  • LM: Asamoah (86)
  • CDM: Pulgar (84)
  • ST: Petagna (84)
  • CDM: Linetty (83)
  • ST: Simeone (83)
  • CB: Bocchetti (82)
  • RW: Orsilini (81)
  • CM: Mandragora (81)
  • ST: Donnarumma (80)
  • RB: Darmian (80)
  • GK: Radu (79)
  • CB: Ferrari (79)
  • CF: Farias da Silva (79)

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  1. Can see there are going to be complaints. Especially as players with 120 over all and 170 Chm are playing tier 1 games against players who have only started. Think it should be done on your level or at least versus score.

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