FIFA Mobile – Attack Mode Divisions

FIFA Mobile Divisions

There are divisional rankings in FIFA Mobile Attack Mode. Gaining fans by scoring goals and winning your turns will move you up throughout the division tiers.

Climbing Divisions increases your Reward and Difficulty level. Each Tier grants you an additional Fan Bonus. Here are the full details for FIFA Mobile Attack Mode Division:

Division (Tier) Fans Required Bonus
Amateur (III) 0
Amateur (II) 2,000
Amateur (I) 5,000
Pro (III) 10,000
Pro (II) 20,000
Pro (I) 50,000
World Class (III) 100,000 +2,500 Fans
World Class (II) 200,000 +1,600 Fans, +340 Coins
World Class (I) 500,000
Legendary (III) 1,000,000
Legendary (II) 2,000,000 +390,000 Fans, +722 Coins
Legendary (I) 5,000,000
FIFA Champion 10,000,000

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  1. World Class (II)
    +1,600 Fans
    +340 Coins

    Legendary (I)
    +25,000 Fans
    +390 Coins

    Legendary (III)
    +14,000 Fans
    +370 Coins

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