FIFA Mobile 19 – St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day Event in FIFA Mobile

Saint Patrick’s Day event is live on FIFA Mobile from 16 to 29 March 2019. The spirit of the Emerald Isle has come to FIFA Mobile in St. Patrick’s Day event with luck on your side giving you a chance to earn Shamrock players or even exclusive Emerald Masters.

This event refreshes every 12 hours.


FIFA Mobile St. Patrick’s Day event has two chapters:


In the Main chapter, you will need to choose your preferred Game Type and start earning Rainbow Points. Once you choose a game type, you’re locked-in until the next refresh which happens every 12 hours.

Use your Rainbow Points to fill in the first Rainbow Arc and claim your rewards. Once you claim the Pot o’ Gold, the next arc of the Rainbow will become available. You can exchange your Pot o’ Gold Points for rewards at the exchange screen.

Lucky Clover

In this chapter you can use your Lucky Leaf Points for a chance at receiving Golden Clover Points, the points that are used in exchange for Emerald Masters.

Points & Details

Here is the info on the points you can earn and spend them to redeem rewards, and other details you need to know in this event:

Rainbow Points

Rainbow Points can be earned by playing Skill Games, VS Attack or Head to Head matches in the main chapter.

Use your Rainbow Points to progress through the Rainbow Offers. Claiming the Pot O’ Gold will unlock the next arc of the Rainbow. Each progressive arc will either improve the chance of receiving more Pot o’ Gold Points within the range, or increase the quantity range of Pot O’ Gold points. The rainbow will reset after claiming the Pot o’ Gold of a full Rainbow.

Pot O’ Gold Points

Pot O’ Gold Points can be used to redeem rewards in the Rainbow Chapter.


Pot o’ Gold Doubler will double the contents of the next Pot O’ Gold offer:

  • Violet: 1-6 Pot O’ Gold
  • Indigo: 2-7 Pot O’ Gold
  • Blue: 2-7 Pot O’ Gold (better chances)
  • Green: 3-8 Pot O’ Gold
  • Yellow: 3-8 Pot O’ Gold (better chances)
  • Orange: 4-9 Pot O’ Gold
  • Red: 5-10 Pot O’ Gold
Golden Clover

Golden Clovers are used to redeem rewards throughout this event.

Lucky Clover

Use your Lucky Leaf for a chance to find the Golden Clover.

Lucky Chance

Chances to find the Golden Clover will increase with each attempt, until the Golden Clover is found. Your Lucky Chance will increase when you find the Golden Clover.

St. Patrick’s Day Players

These are the special players you can redeem as rewards during this event:

St. Patrick’s Emerald Masters

St. Patrick’s Emerald Master players represents Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, and/or he wears a green kit.

  • CAM: Bruno Fernandes (95) – Price: 10 Golden Clover
  • CB: Duffy (95) – Price: 10 Golden Clover
  • LW: Hazard (95) – Price: 10 Golden Clover
  • ST: Aubameyang (96) – Price: 18 Golden Clover
  • CB: Buffon (97) – Price: 22 Golden Clover
St. Patrick’s Prime Icons
  • CM: Keane (96) – Price: 26 Golden Clover
  • RW: Best (98) – Price: 30 Golden Clover


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