FIFA Mobile 19 – Carniball

Carniball Event in FIFA Mobile

Carniball is available in FIFA Mobile from 12 to 25 March 2019. Play Carniball matches in FIFA Mobile app and claim the Carniball free offer every 24 hours to earn Broken Mask and Carniball Points.

The Carniball matches and offers reset every 24 hours.

Broken Masks & Carniball Points

Earn Broken masks and Carniball Points by playing matches, claiming the free offer and watching ads.


This event has 3 chapters:


In this chapter you can play matches and watch ads to earn Broken Masks and Carniball Points. The Carniball Offers are also available here on the right hand side of the screen.


In the Masks chapter you can exchange Broken Masks to get Crniball Players. Exchanging Broken Masks also gives you World Tour Points.

World Tour

Here you can use your World Tour Points to claim World Tour Players.

Carniball Players (Carniballers)

Carniball Players are special elite players who are coming the the countries which celebrate carnival every year. Below is the list of Cariball players in the FIFA Mobile:

Italy Masks
  • RB: Calabria (85)
  • LW: Verdi (86)
  • RW: Chiesa (88)
  • CB: Acherbi (90)
France Masks
  • RM: Saint-Maximin (86)
  • GK: Riffier (87)
  • CDM: Sanson (89)
  • LW: Coman (91)
Germany Masks
  • CB: Genter (86)
  • RW: Volland (88)
  • CB: Schweinsteiger (90)
  • ST: Werner (92)
Spain Masks
  • CAM: Luis Alberto (87)
  • CM: Ander Herrera (89)
  • ST: Morata (91)
  • CDM: Cesc Fabregas (93)
Brazil Masks
  • ST: Richarlison (88)
  • CF: Hulk (90)
  • CM: Paulinho (92)
  • GK: Ederson (94)

World Tour Players

Here is the list of World Tour Carniballers you can redeem in the World Tour chapter:

  • CAM: Nainggolan (95)
  • ST: Rashford (96)
  • RW: Dybala (97)
  • LW: Rivaldo (98)


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