FIFA Mobile 17 – Team of the Season

FIFA Mobile Team of the Season

EA Sports is celebrating the top performers from the five major European Leagues with a series of Team of the Season (TOTS) releases in FIFA Mobile. Over the next few weeks, EA will feature over 100 special Player Items, various Pack Offers, and different TOTS Live Events. Continue reading to learn more about Team of the Season.

Here are the full details for FIFA Mobile TOTS.

FIFA Mobile TOTS Player Releases

Every Friday for the next five weeks, EA will reveal the teams for five of Europe’s most prestigious leagues. Each team will be announced with 23 players (11 starters and 12 reserve players) picked based on their local league performance.

Click the respective Leagues once they’re accessible to see the full list of players:

  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Calcio A (Italy)
  • La Liga Santander (Spain)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • The Premier League (England)

There are two ways of earning Team of the Season Players.

The first option is to enrol in the Starters Plan. Each League will have its own Starters Plan, which will award you with one of the 11 starters chosen by EA. You’ll get a TOTS Upgrade Token for completing this plan, which you’ll need later.

A second plan, the Reserve Plan, rewards you with one of the league’s Reserve Players, but you can also pull one of the Starters. TOTS Upgrade Tokens are not awarded when completing this Plan. Both Plans necessitate a specific number of Tokens and Base Player Items from each League. Tokens can be obtained by completing certain Live Events or purchasing TOTS Packs from the store.

Each of these two Plans has its own set of prerequisites, so check in-game to discover what you’ll need to finish them.

The Market will allow you to buy and sell League Team of the Season Players Items. The only way to get TOTS Upgrade Tokens is to complete the various Starter Plans.

Overall Team of the Season

Following the announcement of the five League-specific Teams of the Seasons, EA Sports will reveal a special Team of the Season comprised of 23 players from all five leagues. The players you select will have their own associated Plans that you can complete to improve their stats.

Requirements for upgrading these players will display in-game after they’ve been announced.

The players who make up this season’s Team of the Season will be available for purchase or sale.

FIFA Mobile’s Ultimate Team

EA Sports will track the 11 most finished Plans (1 goalie and 10 outfield players) and develop an Ultimate Team as the community completes the Plans around the Overall Team of the Season. There will be another chance to enhance those goods in the future.

The 11 players who make up this team, as well as the conditions to accomplish their Plans, will be announced by EA on social media and in-game.

Take note that these Player Items are untradeable.


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