FIFA Mobile Summer Celebration Program

FIFA Mobile Summer Celebration

FIFA Mobile is celebrating the summer with a Summer Celebration Program.

By completing the Bonfire Live Event in FIFA Mobile, you can earn Tokens that unlock additional Live Events and Summer Celebration Players. Then, work your way towards earning the Summer Celebration Legend. FIFA Mobile’s Summer Celebration program runs until July 3, 2017.

Bonfire Events

During Summer Celebration, there is a series of Live Events to play in FIFA Mobile. Play Bonfire Events to earn Bonfire Tokens. Each completion rewards you between one or more Bonfire Tokens.

Use Bonfire Tokens on seven (7) Bonfire Plans, which unlocks the standard version of seven featured Summer Celebration Master Players and unlocks their League’s Bonfire Celebration Live Event. League-specific Live Events only unlock after you have completed their corresponding Plan and earn the Standard version Summer Celebration Master Player.

Play League Celebration Live Evenst to earn another Summer Celebration Player item from that League and/or a Celebration Token. You will need those players and Celebration Tokens to complete the corresponding Plan and upgrade that League’s Summer Celebration Master Player.

FIFA Mobile Summer Celebration Master Players

Summer Celebration Master Players

EA posted a Blog and gave everyone the chance to vote on Twitter for which players we featured as the Master Players for Summer Celebration. Over 85,000 votes were cast to decide the seven Summer Master Players for this Program.

As mentioned above, you unlock the base version of each player by using Bonfire Tokens found in Live Events and speciality-marked Packs. Please refer in-game for Plan specifics.

Upgrade Summer Master Players by completing their specific Upgrade Plan. Each Plan requires the Base Master Player Item, along with some specific Player Items and other Tokens. As Always, make sure to check in-game for specific requirements for all Plans.

Summer Celebration Legend

Also voted by the community, you can unlock the Program Legend Plan by using all seven Upgraded Summer Master Players and a set number of Celebration Tokens.

FIFA Mobile Summer Celebration is available until July 3.


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