FIFA Mobile 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day with a week-long, green-themed program in FIFA Mobile. Collect Celtic Knots and Four-leaf clovers to upgrade St. Patrick’s Day Player Items, and for the first time in FIFA Mobile, EA is challenging the community to work together to unlock extra in-game content with a series of Community Challenges.

What is St. Patrick’s Day in FIFA Mobile

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. EA Sports is celebrating this event by having an in-game program featuring special Live Events, Pack Offers, green coloured Player Items (Emerald Players) and a Community Challenge in FIFA Mobile from March 16 to 20, 2017.

St. Patrick’s Pack Offers, Live Events and Tokens in FIFA Mobile

During the St. Patrick’s Day program, you will find a variety of Tokens including Green Coins, Celtic Knots, Lucky Leaf and Four-leaf Clover Tokens in specially marked packs or by completing St. Patrick’s Day-themed Live Events. These Tokens are necessary to unlock and upgrade other Program-related content. For example, redeem four Lucky Leaf Tokens to receive a Four-Leaf Clover Token.

St. Patrick's Day Emerald Players

Emerald Players

There are four green-themed Players that you can find and upgrade over the course of the program. EA picked these players because they have brought luck to their green-colored clubs. Upgrade these players by using a set number of Lucky Leaf, Four-leaf Clover and Celtic Knot Tokens in their Upgrade Plan. Be sure to check in-game to see the specific requirements for each Player.

Luck O’ the Irish Player

Unlock the special “Luck O’ The Irish Player” by finding 10 specific Celtic Knot Tokens. Like the Emerald Players, after unlocking this player, you will be able to increase his OVR by completing the corresponding Plan. As always, be sure to check in-game for Plan requirements.

Community Challenge

EA is challenging the FIFA Mobile community with a series of seven tasks that will unlock bonus content around St. Patrick’s Day if completed. As the community completes a Challenge and unlocks the next one, the requirements will get harder but with better rewards.

If the community manages to complete a Challenge, EA will let you know on Twitter and with in-game messaging. For any challenge reward that includes a Prize Pack, you can find and claim it from the Store.

Once our St. Patrick’s Day Program concludes, EA will remove all Prize Packs from the store. Make sure to claim these Packs before the program ends.

Untradeable Players

All St. Patrick’s Day Player Items and Tokens cannot be bought or sold on the Market. Instead, EA has increased the quick sell value of the Player Items featured.


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