FIFA Mobile 17 – Golden Week

FIFA Mobile Golden Week

EA Sports is celebrating the Golden Week in FIFA Mobile, the week-long celebration of different Japanese holidays, with a movie-inspired Program. From exclusive Player Items to Live Events that remind you of classic cinema, continue reading to learn more about FIFA Mobile’s Golden Week Program.

Movie Themed Players, Packs & Live Events

Over the course of Golden Week, There is a series of movie-inspired Packs and Live Events. There are five different film genres featured, each with their own cast Feature Film Players to find or unlock. There is also a series of Feature Film Live Events where you can earn genre-specific Feature Film Posters and Ticket Stub Tokens to unlock Feature Film Player Items from their genre Plans.

The Feature Film Players EA picked for Golden Week are not only popular in their home country, they are also well-known at their clubs and in the countries where they play.

There are five Showstopper Player Items to unlock, one from each of the five genres featured. You do this by adding their Feature Film Player Item and the two other two Feature Film Player Items. Additionally, you will need a set-number of Feature Film Posters and Ticket Stubs. As always, be sure to check in-game for the specific requirements for all Plans related to Golden Week.

For the first five days of Golden Week, EA will feature a different Feature Film Live Event focused around a particular genre of cinema. We’ll follow that up with a Double Feature with two different Live Events available at the same time, then Triple Feature which will have the remaining three.

EA will close it out with a Movie Marathon, with all five Live Events playable. You can see the full schedule of when each Live Event is available in-game here:

Golden Week Showtimes

Blockbuster Player

FIFA Mobile Blockbuster

Over the course of Golden Week, EA will track to see which of the five Showstopper Players is the most popular. Then on Saturday, EA will announce who that is and release a 99-OVR version of that Player to unlock. You will need all five Showstopper Player Items and a set-number of Other Tokens to unlock the 99-OVR Item. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter or check in-game on Saturday to see who gets named as the Blockbuster Player.

FIFA Mobile Golden Week Program runs until May 8, 2017.


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