FIFA Mobile 2016-2017 – Controls

FIFA 17 Mobile Controls

FIFA Mobile controls – The complete control guide for FIFA Mobile (version 2016-2018).

FIFA Mobile Controls

Action Controls
Move PlayerHold and move the Virtual Stick in direction
PassingPress PASS button / Tap on a teammate or in space
Pass and GoDouble-tap on a team-mate or the PASS button to make a forward run after the pass
ShootingPress SHOOT button / Swipe the screen in direction
Chip ShotTap and hold your finger on the Goal
SprintingHold SPRINT & SKILL button
Skill MovesTap SPRINT & SKILL button while dribbling
Switch PlayerPress SWITCH button
TacklingHold SPRINT & SKILL button / Tap on the opponent
Auto-TackleTap and hold on your opponent’s player
Taking Free KicksTo Shoot, swipe from the ball towards the goal (The speed of your swipe will determine the power and the shape will affect the spin). To pass, tap on a teammate or into spaces.
Taking Corner KicksSwipe from the ball towards the penalty box / Tap on a teammate or into spaces.
Taking Penalty KicksSwipe from the ball towards where you want the ball to go (The faster you shoot, the stronger the shot will be)
Saving Penalty KicksSwipe or tap towards a direction the you want your goalie to jump to
AutoplayDo not touch the Virtual Stick

FIFA Mobile Controls Settings

You can customise your control settings in FIFA Mobile under SETTINGS > PREFERENCES for the following options.

Option Description
One-Button Controls (On/Off) Allows you to have either one button for all actions or separated Pass and Shoot buttons
Floating Virtual Stick (On/off) When it’s on, the Virtual Stick shows up where you press. When it’s off, it is anchored to a location
Large Virtual Stick (On/Off) Allows you to have your Virtual Stick larger or smaller in size
Large Buttons (On/Off) Shows the buttons in larger size when it’s on – Recommended for small screens
Game Controls (Left/Right) Left: Virtual Stick on Left and other buttons on Right. Right: Virtual Stick on Right and other buttons on Left

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  1. My goalkeeper keeps going out to the midfield when the opponent is attacking. How do I stop this and keep him in the goal area?

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