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FIFA International Soccer Cheats

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Tips & Tricks

Scoring from Corners
When taking a corner kick from left, press A and move your window all to the right corner, then release the A button. Now the ball will just fall on the right side of the goal, where one of your players is there to score. Then press B once to control the ball and move to the goal, just
press left and then up, then press A, you have an open goal to score since the keeper is at the wrong side of the bar.

Use Your Head to Score
Headers in the box have more chance to get into the net. Try to send the long pass from the sides (preferably near the corner flags) into the box and press shot button so your attackers can jump and put the ball in using their heads.


Option Screen Cheats
In the option screen press:
R,R,R,R,R,L,R – Super Offence (your attackers are super)
B,A,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B – Super Kicks (the shot rates are super)
Y,Y,Y,X,A,A,A,B – Invisible Walls (fun for playing indoor)
X,A,B,Y,Y,B,A,X – Crazy Ball (ball does crazy things)
B,A,R,B,Y,L – Curve Ball (try the L and R buttons)
A,A,B,B,Y,Y,X,X – Dream Team (your whole team is super)
A,A,A,A,A,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y – Super Goalie (your keeper is super)

Cr*zy: Crazy ball – the ball goes in all directions.
1nv1s: Invisible walls – there are invisible walls around the pitch so the ball can’t go out of play.
My0p1c: No free kicks given against your team – the ref is myopic so doesn’t give any.
B*RY+FC: Dream team – All your players have over 90 in their ratings (certainly not like Bury FC).


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