FIFA 23 Trophy Titans – How to Get Prepared

Be Prepared for Trophy Titans Event

FUT Trophy Titans brand-new event is exciting for players because it provides the opportunity to gain prime Icons and Heroes players, via special objectives, SBCs and packs.

In order to maximise your chances of success and enjoyment at these activities, you should be properly prepared. Here are some tricks for preparing for FIFA 23 Trophy Titans event with Icons and special players.

Start Saving Coins

Prior to the Trophy Titan event, begin saving FIFA 23 coins by selling undesirable players and things, completing simple SBCs, and playing matches to gain match coins. This will provide you with enough money to spend in the special packs or SBCs available during the event.

Research Icons and Heroes

Determine which Icon and Hero players will be accessible during the event and investigate their stats and costs. This will assist you in determining which players to target and how much you are willing to spend for them.

SBC Fodders

It is also critical to obtain SBC fodder before to the event. Players that are not particularly valuable on their own but can be utilised to complete SBCs that offer valuable prizes are referred to as SBC fodder. To obtain SBC fodder, you may either buy it on the market or load it with regular gold packs. You can also take part in league SBCs or upgrade SBCs, which frequently yield good fodder players. You’ll be better prepared to finish SBCs that give rare and valuable players if you have a good stockpile of SBC fodder before the event.

Be Prepared to Invest

Be prepared to invest in the special packs or SBCs available during the event, but don’t overspend. Make and stick to a budget.

Preparing for a FUT Trophy Titans event with Icons and special Hero players may be an exciting and lucrative experience, but it demands careful planning. You’ll be well on your road to success if you follow the suggestions in this article, which include saving money, researching players, preparing a good squad, and getting SBC fodder. Remember to be patient, have fun, and make wise investments. having the appropriate preparation and a little luck, you may wind up having some of the game’s most sought players. So, get ready for the upcoming FIFA 23 event by starting to prepare now.


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