Bundesliga Year in Review [XP] Solutions – FIFA 23 TOTS Objective

Bundesliga Year in Review - FIFA TOTS 23 Objective

FIFA 23 TOTS features a Bundesliga Year in Review [XP] group objective that needs you to find out the answers to its riddles.

By completing the Bundesliga Year in Review [XP] objective in Squad Battles, Rivals and FUT Champs matches, you can earn a Marcus Thuram [90] TOTS player card as well as other rewards such as XP, Bundesliga packs, Danilho Doekhi [90] TOTS and Gerd Müller [89] Base Icon cards.

Here you can find the answer to these objectives riddles:

Sting Like A Bee

This team had a superb start to 2023 with a strong unbeaten streak in the league. Recreate their run to solve this riddle! You will require four players from that club in your starting 11.


8 Wins with 4 Dortmund players in your Starting 11

Celebration at Mewa [XP]

The outstanding display by this player proved instrumental in propelling his team toward a comfortable victory. Hats off to him! Can you solve this riddle?


Score 3 Goals with an Austrian Player.

Bavarian Victory [XP]

The start of the season came packed with action, a one sided match with one team bagging half a dozen goals. Recreate their dominance to solve this riddle!


Score 6 Goals in 1 Match with a Bayern player.

Relegation Battle [XP]

One team from the capital has had a tough season so far. Shoot them to their season win total at the end of Matchday 31 to solve this riddle!


Score and Win with a Hertha BSC Player in 6 Matches.

Top 5

At the end of Matchday 31, these 5 clubs were at the top of the table. Include two players from each of these clubs in your next 10 matches to solve this riddle!


Play 10 Matches with 2 players from Bayern, 2 players from Dortmund, 2 players from Leipzig, 2 players from Union Berlin and 2 players from Freiburg.

Iron Strength

This team has delighted football fans with their amazing performance this season! This memorable match was important because it ended their 5 game winless streak. Can you solve this riddle?


Score 2 and Win the game with Union Berlin Players.


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