FIFA 22 – FUT Versus

FUT 22 Versus

FIFA 22 Versus promo event is available in FUT from Friday, 10th of December 2021. FUT 22 Versus features two new player cards with upgraded ratings for some special players.

There are 11 players in a FUT Versus squad which will line up with two contrasting playing styles: VERSUS FIRE and VERSUS ICE, which give each FUT Versus player two unique permanent upgrades and item designs. Versus Fire items will be included in the pool of Ultimate Team pack items until Monday December 13 at 6pm UK, when they will be replaced with the corresponding Versus Ice version.

There are also themed SBCs and Objectives in FIFA 22 throughout the FUT Versus event.


  • FUT Versus Fire – From Friday Dec 10, 6pm UK to Monday Dec 13, 6pm UK
  • FUT Versus Ice – From Monday Dec 13, 6pm UK to Friday Dec 17, 6pm UK

FUT 22 Versus ICE Team

Versus Ice Players

VERSUS FIRE players are available from 13 Dec to 17 Dec in FIFA 22 packs.

FUT 22 Versus FIRE Team

Versus Fire Players

VERSUS FIRE players are available from 10 Dec to 13 Dec in FIFA 22 packs.


Check out the list of UCL Team of the Group Stage special Squad Building Challenges here:

SBC Expires on Reward
Dries Mertens2021-12-20
Christian Pulisic2021-12-17


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