FIFA 21 – How to Upgrade and Carryover from PS4 to PS5

FIFA 21 Upgrade to PS5

Using the Dual Entitlement feature in FIFA 21, you can upgrade your copy of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 for free. This will allow you to carry over and transfer all of your FIFA 21 data and progress from your previous console to the new one, including FUT progress and data.

How to Upgrade Your FIFA 21 Copy to PlayStation 5

To upgrade your FIFA 21 from PS4 to PS5, you need to install your purchased FIFA 21 PS4 game on your PS4 either by downloading it from the store or copying it from the disc.

Once your FIFA 21 PS4 is installed on your PS5 console. Play the game. Before the game loads completely, you will see the notice message on the loading screen that you need to install the upgrade version.

After the upgrade is complete. You can play the Next Level version of FIFA 21 on your PlayStation 5 machine.

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8 thoughts on “FIFA 21 – How to Upgrade and Carryover from PS4 to PS5

  1. Hi there

    So my brother has brought fifa 22 for the os4 digitally and I have a ps5 over the last few months he’s been able to access my ps5 library and download games from my account.

    I have the console sharing enabled on my main account to enable him to login and download whatever he wants from my library

    Since he’s brought fifa 22 for the ps4 I’ve asked him for his details for his account so I could download fifa 22 off his account after downloading it it’s currently locked on my main account

    Is there anyway round this

  2. Hi if I download fifa21 on my PS4 can I upgrade is to make it available to play on my discless ps5 ?

  3. i do have fifa 21 on my ps5 but it comes up with the ps4 x select and things it is really annoying me because MM7 a youtuber had the exact thing with the ps4 and ps5 the he just switched it over somehow

    1. Install the ps4 version on the ps5. Then hover over the game in the menu, then click options, game version and switch the fifa 21 ps5

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