FIFA 21 FUT Co-op Mode

FUT Co-op Mode

FUT 21 Co-op mode will allow you to team up with a friend and compete online to gain FUT rewards. Similar to FIFA 21 Co-op seasons, you can form a team with other FUT users and play matches against other online opponents.

FUT Co-op mode is available for both Division Rivals and Squad Battles competitions.

How to Play Co-op in FUT?

Co-op mode will be available under Division Rivals, Squad Battles and FUT Friendlies screens.

More details on FUT Co-op mode to be released here soon.

Weekly Rewards

Like in Rivals and Squad Battles, you will get weekly rewards if you play FUT Co-op matches. Check out the Rewards for FUT Co-op Rewards to see what you will get by playing this game mode.


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