FIFA 21 FUT Co-op Mode

FUT Co-op Mode

FUT 21 Co-op mode will allow you to team up with a friend and compete online to gain FUT rewards. Similar to FIFA 21 Co-op seasons, you can form a team with other FUT users and play matches against other online opponents.

FUT Co-op mode is available for both Division Rivals and Squad Battles competitions.

How to Play Co-op in FUT?

There is a new friends widget in FUT which is accessible through most of FIFA Ultimate Team screens by hitting R2 / RT. From this widget you can select a friend to play a game with and be taken straight to the Co-Op lobby.

The user who sets up the lobby will become the Captain, this means that this user has control over which of their squads will be used for the match and what game mode you will play. From the lobby, both players will see the Captain’s top-rated players from their current active squad, and when both players are ready the captain will have the ability to start the game in the chosen mode.

Co-Op Squad Battles and Division Rivals

In Squad Battles there is a limit to the number of games that you could play that counted towards your weekly score, referred to throughout this section as a scored match. In FUT 21 there is also a similar cap to Division Rivals. When opting to play Co-Op in Squad Battles and Division Rivals both players will use one of their scored weekly matches. Based on the result of the game each participant will earn their weekly score and coins for the match using the regular in-game calculations. With each game counting towards your number of scored matches, playing well together will be an important factor for both of your success.

If one player has run out of games that count for their weekly score, neither of you will continue to earn weekly score. That being said, the both of you can still play the match to earn Coins & Skill Rating, make progress towards Objectives, and accumulate Weekend League Qualification Points.

You will know before starting the match if this applies as both players will receive a message warning if they are out of matches.

For Division Rivals specifically, matchmaking will be done using the highest Skill Rating of the duo. So if the host is in Division 9 and the guest is in Division 5, players will be matched at the higher Skill Rating of Division 5 using our existing matchmaking for Division Rivals.

For those who are wondering how this will impact your Skill Ranking as a lower-ranked player who’s winning in Co-Op with their friend, your progression in Rivals will be similar to if you were playing games against players at your own level. So while you’ll still rise, Co-Op will not serve as a major accelerator to your ranking.

Another consideration that EA made is for players who don’t want to play against Co-Op pairs in Rivals. There is a toggle that lets you choose between a mix of solo players and Co-Op groups in your matches, or just vs solo players.

Co-Op Friendlies

In Friendlies, you can pair up to play together and, using in-game matchmaking, find people to play any of our base Friendlies experiences (Classic, Mystery Ball, Swaps, King of the hill, Max Chemistry, Headers & Volleys, Survival, Long Range, No Rules). The matches will follow the ruleset chosen and rewards will be the same as playing Friendlies solo. This is a great way to try out some new player combinations, teams, or to just work on your team play in a risk-free friendly environment.

Co-Op FIFA Trainer Improvements

Knowing that learning to play as a team will be a new experience for many people who are excited to play FUT Co-Op , I want to talk about an improvement that’s been made to the FIFA Trainer.

Using the FIFA Trainer in a Co-Op game will show the inputs for both players on the team as they’re happening. This will allow players to see what their partner is about to do, enabling them to react to the on-screen displays. This helps in setting up the right runs without a need to rely on voice communication exclusively. I hope you give this a try as you start to play with your friends, it really is a great way to get better quickly at playing together.

Weekly Rewards

Like in Rivals and Squad Battles, you will get weekly rewards if you play FUT Co-op matches. Check out the Rewards for FUT Co-op Rewards to see what you will get by playing this game mode.


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