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Commentators - FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is the first FIFA franchise to feature a female football commentator. Spanish female commentator, Nira Juanra will be available as a commentator in FIFA 21 Spanish version. FIFA 21 commentary is available in over 10 languages done by famous football commentators from around the world.

The commentators in FIFA 21 are controlled by AI and they give a running commentary of a game as you play. Here is the list of confirmed commentators in FIFA 21.

Name Language Game Modes Remarks
Alan Smith English All
Derek Rae English All
Lee Dixon English UEFA Champions League
Alan McInally English All In-game score updates
Nira Juanra Spanish All
Frank Buschmann German All
Wolff-Christoph Fuss German All
Esther Sedlaczek German Career & UEFA Champions League

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6 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Commentators

  1. I agree to all of y’all, but this is so stupid. Why cant they add all commentary in the game. I really want Arabic commentary but I have to buy it from Arabic region

  2. Utterly terrible decision to axe Martin and Alan from Fifa21. Having downloaded a digital copy I very disappointed with EA decision. This will impact on my decision to purchase Fifa22. Very frustrated.

    1. yes I agree
      I expected to see improvements in FIFA 21
      This is a big fall for ea sports and now I’m disappointed

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