FIFA 21 Badges

Badges - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Badges in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team are club items that can be used as FUT Club badge
(logo). FIFA 21 badges are coming from the real clubs available in FIFA 21 club database and are available as Bronze, Silver and Gold quality cards.

Badges List

The list of badges in FIFA 21 will be available here once the game is out.

Where to Find Badges?

Badges can be found in FIFA 21 packs or received as rewards. You can purchase and trade badge cards in the Transfer Market – Under the Club Items tab.

How to Set a Badge as your Active Badge?

To set a logo (badge) as your Club’s badge, go to My Club, search for Club Items > Badges. Select a badge you have in your club, set is as active by clicking on “Make This Item Active” option.


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