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Dieci Cento Mille - Brothers

Song Dieci Cento Mille
Artist Brothers
Genre Dance / Electronic
Country Norway
Language English
Soundtrack FIFA 2005
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Dieci Cento Mille - Brothers Lyrics

What I was expecting
I do not know
Strange (is) this world
I dream a little longer
I think all night
Of what, I do not know
I try to wake up
It won't work now
I only dream of fantastic poems
In a crazy world (that is) full of lies
I live intensely every small folly
I only see people capable of magic

Chorus 2x:
Ten hundred thousand hands that rise
Then they move
How many, I don't know
Today, we are they only protagonists
Live like you want to and don't ever stop
Where we are going
This is not known
I escape from the confines of banality
Ten hundred thousand
We're missing a few more
I am close to the sun
Problems, I don't have (any)
I live my moment amongst many others
I ask myself if destiny has already decided for me
Now I am awake and I can distinguish reality
I'm living in the world I wanted