FIFA 20 Finesse Shot

Finesse Shot FIFA 20

Finesse shot in FIFA 20 is a refined and delicate curly shot which has more accuracy rather than power. Finesse shots are usually curled and are taken with inside of the foot.

How to do Finesse Shots

Here is how you can take finesse shots and score using finesse shots:

Platform Buttons
PlayStation 4 R1 + ◯
Xbox One RB + B
PC Keyboard D
Nintendo Switch R + A

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  1. Scoring fitness shots pS4 to complete tasks also find this hard to complete task because your trying to do this for up to three players and I run out of time I feel if you have done three of the tasks and there’s four or five to gain a player should carry over if possible to the next season or get extra time if during this the server goes down during this period.

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