FIFA 19 Swap Deals

Swap Deals

Swap Deals event is live in FUT 19 throughout the season to help you upgrade your squads in fresh ways through FUT gameplay.

New SBCs will be available during the Swap Deals event in FUT that can only be completed using one or more Swap Deals player items. Earn Swap Deals items (special packs and players) by playing various FUT modes, including Objectives, SBCs, and FUT Daily Knockout Tournaments. FUT Swap Deals players are special untradeable FUT items with the same rating as the player’s base item, and each item is only available for a limited time. All Swap Deals SBCs are available for the entire event with a range of progressively more valuable rewards in exchange for more FUT Swap items.

How to Receive Swap Deals Items

To earn Swap Deals items, go to FUT and complete Objectives, SBCs, and win select FUT Daily Knockout Tournaments.


Here is the list of Swap Deals player items including the cost that you can spend to gain them:


The list of packs and their costs you can receive as Swap Deals rewards:

  • Premium Silver Pack (Tradeable) — 1 FUT Swap Deals Player
  • Prime Mixed Players Pack (Tradeable) — 4 FUT Swap Deals Players
  • Premium Gold Players Pack (Tradeable) — 6 FUT Swap Deals Players
  • Prime Gold Players Packs (Tradeable) — 8 FUT Swap Deals Players

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