FIFA 19 Black Friday

FIFA 19 Black Friday

Black Friday program starts from November 23, 2018 in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and will be there until November 227. FIFA 19 Black Friday promotion event offers you discounted packs, special SBCs and special daily and weekly objectives.

Pack Offers & Lightning Rounds

There are pack offers for a limited time featuring discounted packs and packs with special inform players during the Black Friday event in FUT 19. You can see the list of pack offers here:

EA Sports will announce the timing for each lightning round through their Twitter account.

FIFA 19 Black Friday Items

Special Players

FIFA 19 Black Friday’s packs includes special players which contain the best of FIFA 19 Team of the Week players. There are also some Flashback player cards through Black Friday Special SBCs. Here are the Black Friday special items:

Flashback Players (SBC)

Special Squad Building Challenges

There are special Flash Squad Building Challenges at FIFA 19 Ultimate Team during the Black Friday event. The complete list of these SBCs is available at FUthead website here.

Black Friday offers continues on the Monday after Black Friday known as Cyber Monday.


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