FIFA 18 Ratings Refresh

FUT 18 Ratings Refresh

EA Sports have revealed the Ratings Refresh which has ratings update for over 400 players in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. This card update is available from 23rd of Feb to 5th of March 2018 in FUT 18.

Rating Refresh players will have their new upgraded version replace the old version, with the new version appearing in packs until the end of the year. In addition, some Ratings Refresh players will have their existing In-Form ratings updated.

Ratings Refresh Players

The following player items receive upgrades to their weak foot and/or skill move ratings (as FIFA 18 Rating Refresh) based on the players’ performances in real-world form this season. These upgrades apply to all existing and new FUT 18 player items.

See all FIFA 18 Ratings Refresh players and their stats at

Packs, SBCs & Objectives

There will be special pack offers, Squad Building Challenges and Objectives during the Ratings Refresh event (23 Feb to 5 Mar) to give you the chance for getting permanent Rating Refresh players. So check out the Store, SBC and your Objectives to receive Ratings Refresh players as rewards.


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