FIFA 18 – Lunar New Year Celebration


EA Sports is celebrating Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dog in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team from 16th to 19th February 2018.

Log into the FUT during the event to join this celebration program and receive a special free reward. There are also special Squad Building Challenges, special pack discounts, and a themed kit during this event.

Free Gifts

Unwrap a special Lunar New Year gift the first time you open FUT during the celebration. The type of gift you receive is based on how many days you have logged into FUT since launch. See below for how the tiers for this promotion are broken down and what reward(s) you will be given during the event:

Pack Promotions

Check out the FUT Store regularly to grab the promotional packs. There will be special discounted during Lunar New Year event.

Squad Building Challenges

A wide variety of Squad Building Challenges will be offered throughout the FUT 18 Lunar New Year event, including flash and repeatable SBCs that dole out rewards worthy of the Year of the Dog. Don’t forget to complete the Lunar New Year Weekly Objectives either; the rewards for completion will be bigger and better than they usually are.


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