FIFA 18 Career Mode

FIFA 18 Career Mode

Career Mode is a game mode in FIFA 18 which is powered by Frostbite technology on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Career in FIFA 18 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different areas, Manager Career and Player Career.

FIFA 18 Career Mode features new interactive transfer negotiations, dynamic cinematic news clips in the menu, custom training presets, and new broadcast overlays, making the Career Mode more realistic.

The Career Mode in available in FIFA 18 > Play > Career menu. Below is the list of new features in FIFA 18 Career Mode.

Interactive Transfer Negotiations

The transfer negotiation process has been completely overhauled to create immersive, real-time transfer and contract negotiations. The new transfer hub in the Career Main Menu lets you keep track of all your transfer targets and listed players, and utilize the interactive transfer negotiation system.

With interactive decision wheels, you can now negotiate in-person with opposing club and player representatives, including managers and agents to strike a deal for that must-have addition to your squad. You can also delegate the negotiations to your assistant from the new Transfers Hub if you do not wish to be present in the talks.

To begin negotiations for a player, enter the transfer hub, select a player from your shortlist, and make an approach. Once you enter those negotiations, there are two steps to concluding a transfer.

FIFA 18 Career Mode

Meet in-person in your office with the manager or a representative of the selling club to arrange a fee for the player. Using the new decision wheel, you’ll be able to submit an offer fee, and even include optional conditions such as a sell-on clause. Submit the offer and you’ll begin the dialogue with the opposing manager, who will either accept, reject or counter your offer. New AI negotiations mean opposition managers will engage with dynamic and varied responses to get the best deal for their club.

Once an agreement is made on the transfer price, you can negotiate directly with the player and his agent. You will determine not just the player’s wage and contract length, but also his role in the squad, release clauses, and newly-added bonuses (appearances, goal and clean sheets bonuses) as you offer and counter-offer to strike a deal with the player.

Dynamic News Clips

Once a deal has been completed with both the club and player, they will be transferred to your team. In FIFA 18 Career Mode, all club and player dealings, as well as important news throughout the football world, will be featured using a new technology that generates news clips that are catalogued in in the Career Mode main menu.

FIFA 18 Career Mode

For example, when players move clubs you will now see dynamic representations of their announcement and unveiling, including billboards, line-up shots with their new teammates and press conference presentations with their new manager.

In addition to transfer dealings, you will also see new visuals when players win their league’s Player of the Month award, and when your team wins a title or cup.


With over 15 new skill games in FIFA 18, there is more variety when you come to squad training and player development. Create preset drills and assign them to certain players or specific groups, allowing you to model your development strategy of young players to enhance player attributes or manage a player’s return from injury.

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  1. Please make alex hunter available for career mode and should have buy back when you sell someone and should be able get pep guardiola or someone as you’re manager for your team and have kit maker to.

    1. i have fifa 18 but in the career mode their is no future of negotiation press conference and the other features mentioned above, if i want to transfer i have to send a request that’s it, no meeting or anything, can someone help me with this problem

  2. After negating all Fifa games since fifa 13, I think it might be the time to buy a new finally… However will it be possible to make transfer and then directly loan the player out for a set period of time? Anyway except for the obvious upgrades such as new stadiums, gameplay which is implemented every year, it would be nice if you could remove potential completely. The potential is really just based on last season’s performances and it becomes nearly impossible to use an underrated player and improve his skills despite his performances in game. For instance if I use a 70 rated player with 75 potential and he surprisingly becomes top scorer in Premier League the only way to improve him is through training schedules. Let in-game-performance determine player growth and stop base it on some stupid EA Sports spectators.

  3. Career mode is good but needs change:
    – kit generator to change kits after season is done.
    – Champions league licensing.
    – big transfers have more of a story.
    – fix player roles.
    – make objectives more realistic.
    – make offers from other clubs look more exciting.
    – golden boot etc. Look more cool example seeing player being awarded.
    – players decline in terms of stamina etc less intense.
    – make the emotions of winning etc easier to feel.

  4. 1: more money depending on what place u finished in league that season so if u win the league u should have more money for next season transfer market
    2: pick a sponsor for team which allows u to make more money the better ur club finished in the season
    3: money from ticket sales the the better your team does the more ppl come to watch in home games the more money you get for wages ECT
    4: upgrade ur Stadium having a good season or two spend some money to upgrade ur Stadium so u can sell more tickets for more money
    5: Jersey sponsors Deals each season pick to re new for a lower wage if ur team does worse then expected and higher sponsor money if team does well
    6: player rating goes up and down depending on each game ex goal and assist in game helps player rating red card lowers player rating
    7: set ticket sales price for each game
    8: club getting bought by new owners which helps ur transfer and wages money or hurts it
    9: coach changes to help improve squad example hire a coach that is good with youth players if u have a young team hire a proven coach for big clubs or hire unknow young coach
    10: simulate some of the game and be able to join in and play the rest or play some of the game and simulate the rest
    11: more money for winning cups and tournaments
    12: more youth players in fifa 18 in which can grow not on set overall high but can grow even higher if u play well with them
    14: no practice players just grow with games played

    1. No, some of your suggestions are unrealistic. Sergio Ramos gets red cards, should his rating go down, wtf? players grow with games only ,wtf? Then why do humans even train at something lol

  5. Feature a career mode in which you can begin with more than one team at once in the same career, career mode should be multiplayer so you can embark a career with friends using different teams inside one career.

    1. I totally agree career mode should be multiplayer. It’ll make it so interesting. Just like football manager. Should also be able to manage youth teams of national teams as well.

  6. 1) ***** MANAGERS *****

    a) *** MANAGER RATINGS *** – Managers should have ratings just as players do, dependent on their past success. Bigger clubs should seek to bring in higher rated managers. If the managers fall below a certain rating, they are sacked (Perhaps to be hired by a smaller club). Likewise if the manager ratings rise significantly, perhaps a bigger club could come in for them (Perfect RL example: Look at Brendan Rodgers. He got Swansea into the PL and made them a mid table team. Then he went to Liverpool where in his third season he failed to make top 4, hence got sacked and hired by Celtic.).

    b) *** MANAGER TRAITS *** – Mourinho’s game is all about having big, physical players and being hard to beat. Klopp is about geigenpressing and all out attack. Wenger is about passing and pace. Pochettino’s game is about possession. These traits should be programmed into the managers so they have unique game plans.

    c) *** MANAGER TRANSFER POLICIES *** – What types of player do the managers look for in each position? (For example, perhaps Klopp looks for wingers who can cut inside and score whilst Pochettino looks for wingers who are good at crossing). If they have poorer players who don’t fit their system, they are sold – just like in real life (For example, look at Benteke at Liverpool). Likewise, their transfers should always try to better the players they have – just like in real life. If Man Utd sell de Gea to Real Madrid, Mourinho would look for a new keeper.

    2) *** PLAYER TRANSFER PREFERENCES *** – Some want the glory of winning cups. Others are interested in the money. Some want to play for their home teams. Some their national teams. Some would like to play in a country they never have before. Some want to play for a certain manager. These could all be coded in to reflect real life – Romelu Lukaku is 85 overall, and decided now was the time for a step up to a bigger club. Oscar decided to move to China because of big money. These should all be elements that players consider. Likewise, sorry guys but in real life Emre Mor wouldn’t leave Borussia Dortmund to play with you at Oxford United.

    3) *** MORE REALISTIC MATCH RESULTS / POINTS TOTALS *** – Leagues are generally speaking too easy to win. Teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona should commonly finish the season with somewhere between 90-100 points. No team has ever won the BPL with less than 75 points, and Man Utd even lost it despite having 89 points one season. I’m fed up with CPU teams finishing behind me in second place on 72 points – especially Man Utd after they have bought Lewandowski, Griezmann and Dybala. Likewise, why are Sunderland finishing in the top half? More emphasis needs to be placed on player stats – a 90 rated striker should score 20 goals per season minimum. A 90 rated goalkeeper should have a higher number of clean sheets. Teams with a higher rated passing should have greater possession on the ball and get more assists. Teams with expert dribblers should create more chances.

    The above elements would inject some much needed realism into the game making it far more challenging. Imagine trying to do a road to glory with your best players being poached by bigger clubs, and with the title winning team commonly finishing on 80-90 points rather than the low 70s.

  7. 1. Fifa must bring player’s real life attitude towards their attitudes to positioning and each player body movement styles when walking or running.

    2.VERY IMPORTANT! Fifa18 should increase Messi shot power to 94.And recently out of 100 free kicks, Messi scores 93 making him very lethal in free kicks. increases his chances to score free kicks. And recently he scores a lot from outside the box with powerful shots and gives accurate long passes even from defence half into the forward box to set suarez or neymar one on one with goalkeeper and also increased speed to 95 and very high reaction to 99.. It will be fun for Fifa fans to see that fun when watching him play football in real life come exactly into fifa 18.

    3.VERY IMPORTANT! Fifa 18 should bring players to smile or spit when in video breaks i.e when players are walking out of field during half time or when refree blows for a foul or during free kicks video breaks.

    4.VERY IMPORTANT! Fifa 18 should make their rainfall realistic. Make rains vary, like get heavy and some minutes or seconds go very light or completely stop or sometimes sun tries to shine during rainfalls and more variations in rainfall.

  8. 1-new commentators
    I’m sick and tired of hearing martin Tyler and Allen smith comment for every game,atleast add someone like peter jrury to assist rather than hearing one and the same person over and over
    2-pre and post match interviews
    this too should be added as well because the one used now is very boring and repetitive… atleast add some flair to it
    3-stadium and kit customize
    in real life a team is allowed to release new kits at the start of each season and teams with a huge fan base open new stadiums.i believe this should be added to the game
    4-interaction with players and teammates
    in the journey,u see how Alex Hunter occasionally goes to the coach’s office requesting to be started.I think this too should be added
    also like the player career mode,I think the manager mode too should be interactive is moving around, attending board meetings and all the like

    1. Do you realise that you can change commentators?
      There are two more commentators someone is called Andy Townsend and I forgot the other one’s name.

  9. 1. Fifa 18 needs to seriously change if a player misses one match he complains that hes not playing enough games even though hes played 40+ games its ridiculouse because you want to rotate your team.
    2. I would love for fifa 18 to include the reserve squads and the youth cup leagues and teams.
    3. Include the Croatian and Bosnian leagues.
    4. Make transfers more realistic
    5. The ability to buy a low level league club and build them into champions in career mode
    6. Include all the old football kits for the likes of Man Utd or even the chance to choose your own sponsors when their contracts end.
    7. The ability to hire your own coaching staff and assistant manager.
    8. Add career ending injuries
    9. The ability to hear what the referee is saying to the players and make the arguments more realistic.
    10. The ability to be a manager and player at the same time and to be able to choose when to retire and one more thing why cant fifa 18 provide their fans to choose what team wallpaper to have on their main screen.

  10. 1)Sponcerships. Like if I play for Man Utd, I can change to Puma and Fun88.
    2)End-of-season reviews. I want to see a video clip of the past season.
    3)Coin Toss. I’m sick and tired of paying the same way everytime.
    4)Indirect FKs.
    5)Every league and teams.
    7)Every Stadium.
    8)Player likeliness.
    9)Every Cup and Scoreboards.
    10)Manager sackings.
    11)Player growth.

  11. Things I would like to see
    1 The English national league ( conference )
    2 realistic rainfall and more snow on the pitch in winter games
    3 more realistic transfer market and contracts.
    4 Welsh football league
    5 reserve and youth team games, so you can try players out
    6 referees less strict, seem to give out yellow cards for nothing fouls
    7 more crowd interaction, and less crowd attendance, crowds should be less for poorer performing teams and friendlies
    8 it sounds ridiculous but I would like to have a say over ticket prices and food costs
    9 more job offers and vacancies
    10 get rid of current press conference, it offers very little
    11 stadium and kit editor
    12 opportunity to create a team from scratch and start in a league of some sort.
    The game is great but for FIFA 18 they need to work more on the career mode.

  12. For starters;

    1) Realistic transfers! Man Utd buying Icardi, Griezmann, Dybala, Suarez and Kane in less than 4 seasons is annoying. And none of them get unsettled.

    2) Better training schedules for youngsters. There really should be a physical schedule. My potential superstar CAM has currently 50 stamina and superior ball control and agility. They really should start lifting som weights and do cardio. Fix, please.

    3) Maybe a multiplayer career?

    4) Press Conferences are useless. Either remove them or make them count for something.

    5) A brilliant idea has to be a U21- squad or a reserve team. Either you can play with the reserves or not, just make it happen. That way your reserves and talents get match experience. Needless to say a league for them is vital. And statistics.

    6) More emotions on big games.

    7) Maybe a thing for Journey, but; Rivalries. Make the player create rivalries by constantly tackling them and other things.

    8) Glorify the individual achievements. Like Golden ball, golden glove etc.
    The market value should also rise if they play exceptionally well.

    9) Commentators to talk about how the new signing played last season, their strengths and how they are doing so far this season. This is allready present, but it’s much too thin.

    10) When a player transfers to f.ex. a rival team and they play against eachother, make the home supporters boo the player, if they handed a request or parted in a bad way. More camera and commentary focus on them aswell.

    11) Offers from other clubs. Why should the manager apply for every single available job?

    12) Eccentric youth. The youth players are all the same. Looks and skill. There are NO traits! I want to see a youth player on the LW with flair and outside foot shot. Why is this not possible?

    13) Set pieces and captaincy should be decided beforehand on the team managent screen. If my captain is out ,why is there a random player assigned the captaincy? Look to FM.

    14) Agents. Make them try their hardest to get a big club transfer for their clients.

    15) Personality traits. Bad tempered, calm or no work rate. Want it!

    1. I think, in career mode, when you select a team you want to manage, you get a list of managers and you can choose from the list which manager you’d like to manage your team. Then the manager could have live conferences when he signs a player and live interviews and you can give your own team talk before a game.
      This would be far better than just creating a manager.

    2. As far as captaincy goes, you can change who the captain is before games IF you’re playing manager career. Just go to team management/Squad, then Roles, and select Captain. Depending on the team, there is likely a realistic captaincy-hierarchy in place already.

      Arsenal, for example, have Mertesacker as the main captain. When he’s out, Koscielney takes the armband, then Cazorla, then Cech/Ramsey/Walcott..Which is realistic and true to what happens in real life.

  13. We can create stadiums for all teams and use it in games vs for friends to career mode. It should be so in depth that we can create banners and even close where away supporters sit. Some other small but cool ideas for that is choosing between 5 PA announcers. The guy is so boring that we have now. At the end of each season we can improve every teams stadium. {This will be in the custumization section along with kits.} People can share/uplaod designs after creating them. Imagine and JT,Captain,Leader,Legend banner in Stamford Bridge in the year 2025 with a capacity of 100,000. And the same thing with kits. For every team in the game we can make new ones for the next season.

    A 2D simulator, just like FM. You can make subs and switch up tactics. I have been down 1-0 to Liverpool in the 75 minutes and My team is taking off Hazard for Kurt Zouma!

    More clauses in signings

    We can edit youth player faces. I have the next best prospect in the game with 88-94 potential,I am so excited then realize he has a major receding hairline. Just such an easy change that MUST be fixed.

    Also we can take control of National Teams and just National teams. Is it that hard.

    Manager sackings!!!! 2030 and Wenger is still in the touchline.

    Training isn’t too good. Make the pace of player growth realistic.

    Have logical transfers. Look at FM. No team buys players to buy players. Every thing is with logic. Also, why do the best young players never leave there teams, will Issa Diop ever be on Toulouse in 2021? NO! He will probably be on Real Madrid or Barcelona.

    No more number potentials. If a player is performing well, make there potential better. Look at Marcus Rashford.

    Make the Football Catalougue stuff free the first time you use it then make people pay. So they get income from Career mode. And for Player mode, you can buy training points to make your guy better.

    More realistic signings. Manchester United…

    Make the fan chants more realistic bigger flags, just like ultras


    All these are simple changes that we have asked for before.

  14. An African league Egypt South Africa Tunisia or Ghana but the first two would be good south Africa has great stadiums maybe an MLS upgrade new commentators for the MLS couple more stadiums better atmosphere I really don’t want to hear Martin Tyler and Allen smith talking about the MLS get the ESPN crew or fox soccer channel crew something new as for south America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia and the copa libratadores should feel important just as the champions cup feels when your playing in Europe everything else I can live with but that copalatinamerica need to be fixed and Asia Japan South Korea Saudi Arabia and Australia surely you can have a asian champions league and again importance when the board ask to do well in the competition let’s go back in time now ! Why can’t we upgrade stadiums ? And name them doing a road to glory and being at the same 10 thousand seat stadium when you have battling in the top 5 of the premier league isn’t good bring that back please maybe it’s time to get rid of career mode and bring in owner mode ? For fifa 20 maybe ? Yeah those are my wishes plus stats so i can see how a striker did last season or track his goal scoring progress season by season things like that need to be in the game

  15. Ability to select at the start of the season whether you would like to be the actual club manager e.g. Conte for Chelsea or would you like to create an avatar manager. Similar to Madden in franchise mode. Especially now that PL manager faces have been added with the frostbite engine.

  16. You should put ballandor and cutscenes like pes your player will be able to win these awards and also be able to be captain of their team and after a match you will have an interview like the journey please put this in fifa18

  17. 1) More interactions between players and managers when it comes to contract resigning.

    2) Better more effective, less time consuming (besides simulating it) way of training the youth or for somehow the training to repeat automatically weekly, or the possibility to invest in youth the coaches, the higher the star rating the higher the cost of one. something within them lines

    3) More animations in (like press conferences, pre match training, interviews, golden boot winner etc…

    4) The commentary to adapt every season, like if Liverpool win the league one season, the next the commentators to speak about the fact they won it in game life.

    5) commentary to be more intense/less boring and repetative in more intense/important matches.

    6) Getting offers from smaller or bigger clubs depending on your performance.


    7) Have a realism mode where you start from a 5th division team in the premier league and depending on your performances get offers from bigger clubs abroad and or in the premier league

    ps: these are all for manager mode.

    1. 8) more complex negotiations for signing players, more clauses etc…

      9) have the opportunity to improve or move into a bigger stadium with a “build-your own stadium editor/creator” feature

  18. Entire career mode should have stats for top scorers, assist king, clean sheets

    If you win the league you should have a lap of honour on the last game.

    Tunnel should be shown as well with players getting ready to come out to the pitch

    Injury – Stretchers should be used to pick players up

    Manager speaking to players more animation or relationship between them

    Manchester United on my fifa career bought 5 top strikers, it’s ridiculous (Lacazette, Dybala, Lukaku, kane and icardi)

    Rival clubs shouldn’t accept bids easily

    Interactions between players and manager when they want more playing time or when it’s about contracts

    When players are signed show the animated version on the press. This would also work for pre-match talks about the opposition before the match happens

    Make it possible for manager to fine players when they are refusing contracts or not playing well

    Free agents should be available in the first season not automatic to Barcelona Madrid bayern and psg

    Player faces more emphasis on younger players that older players who are about to retire

    Make it possible in career mode to be able to change colour of kits every season. This gives it meaning every different season. Sponsorships would be a good idea as well

    Asking management for extra funds would be a added bonus as well

    Realistic stats as well especially players who can dribble but don’t have specialities. It’s ridiculous

  19. Classic xi and world xi need to be changed
    -why can’t a new classic xi with the likes of zidan,thierry henry,beckham,roberto carlos,ronaldo, ronaldo,luis figo and so on be made? Most of us fifa players never saw the current classic xi play so why continue to add them
    -world xi with the likes of dzeko is a joke you know who what the real world xi is simply add it
    -manager and player achievements being added to career mode (if your player scores he’s 50th goal for the club it should be mentioned and when you move to a new club as a manager what you achieved at your old club should be mentioned things like “he won the champions cup and the league title twice at his old club” )
    -Ballond’or and fifa best player award being given in career mode would be nice and make it more realistic and interesting
    -buyout clauses are now a big part of footbal they should be added as an option when you want to sign a player or when you’re offering a player a contract
    -changing teams at the end of the season should be brought back there’s no such a thing as a manager applying for job it seems like you can only move mid season if you move at the end of the season you get sacked as if you coached the team all season please remove that and take it back to the fifa 12 days when you received offers at the end of the season
    -instead of having the fake generic players as academy players why not add some former legends as academy players it would be nice to coach a Young zidane or figo to become the good player he was and it would make players not get bored easily soon as you reach 2025 all you find is unknown generic players with no commentary name add legends as academy players to make it nicer to play
    -team budgets improving depending on how much money you win I won the league with everton the prize was £125 million yet i only received £48 million in the summer? The budget needs to increase why not increase it to 80 million atleast or a figure which will help you rebuild
    -cpu managers moving clubs aswell imagine simeone becoming arsenal manager conte going to inter and allegri replacing him those kinds of things would make it interesting aswell

  20. Please, EA Sports

    So far, there were only two career modes to choose from. Three Career Careers would be good!
    Please EA would be good if there was a Judge career in Fifa 18. I hope you consider my idea. Thank you for doing so.

    Thank you in advance for EA.

  21. A reserve/academic league should be authorized across all leagues in order to judge/assess your clubs development progress and programme

  22. If your playing PLAYER CAREREER MODE, you should do something similar to PRO EVOs Become a Legend Mode, and WORK your way into the team or start at a lower league team, get subbed ON/OFF. sign multi-yr contracts, intead of the BORING year -on-year nonsence we currently do. (same goes for manager mode.Multi-Year Contracts-wise)

  23. put a story line for signing a player, topscorer boot , lockeroom , balandor,first day of your first match. and sponsers for the club and editing kit in career and FUT

  24. El camp nou, todos los estadios de la liga santander, mejorar las caras, agregar premios como el balon de oro o puskas o pichichi

    Automatically Translated:
    The camp nou, all the stadiums of the santander league, improve the faces, add prizes like the golden ball or puskas or pichichi

  25. Hacer los partudos mas parecidos a la realidad, incluyendo el saludo entre capitanes y el volado y la foto de los capitanes y los arbitros, la liga qatar

    Automatically Translated:
    Make the most realistic aspects, including the greeting between captains and the flying and the photo of the captains and the referees, the Qatar league

  26. I would love an Online Career Manager Mode so that I can play as my team vs my friends from my home vs them and their teams. It would be so much more enjoyable. Please make this happen already.

  27. I hope to see all the legends into career mode. They could appear as 16 years old in the youth academy at the club they from.

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