FIFA 17 Release Date

FIFA 17 Release

FIFA 17 launches in North America (US/Canada) on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 and worldwide (EU/UK and Rest of the world) on Thursday, September 29 and releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

Zone / Early Access Release Date
North America (US, Canada) Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Europe Thursday, September 29, 2016
Singapore Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Rest of the World Thursday, September 29, 2016
EA Access / Origin Access Monday/Tuesday, September 19/20, 2016

EA Access members on Xbox One and Origin Access members on PC can play the game early with Play First Trials. Stay tuned for more information, including launch timing and game availability.

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50 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Release Date

  1. Your comments … please put South Africa league PSL plus is hire rated one of the best leagues in the world… plus it contain the most valuable team like Orlando Pirates v/s Kaizer

  2. Can you please add in that fut drafts you don’t have to pay over 10k for 1 fut draft and get a bad prize after you play

  3. Hello FIFA

    I do not ask for much more leagues, but it would be nice if you gave the opportunity to watch instead of playing the matches in career mode, so you could feel more like a manager. Of course this means that you will still be responsible for substitutes, tactics etc. during the match.

    I do not ask for an advanced gamedisplay as seen in Football Manager. I just hope that you will make it more possible to feel like a manager by realising this watching-function in career mode.

    PS: It will still be nice with more national football teams and leagues, but I think the abovementioned is the most important thing to change.

    Best regards,

  4. since the saudi players are already there.

    just add the saudi national team in the season.
    like as you did with India and China.


  5. Add Special Enthusiastic atmosphere in rival matches like
    Man utd vs man city
    Arsenal vs tottenham
    Liverpool vs everton

    Real madrid vs atletico madrid
    Barcelona vs espanyol
    Milan vs inter

    someAdd Special Enthusiastic atmosphere in Clasico matches like
    Barcelona vs real madrid
    Man utd vs liverpool
    Inter milan vs juventus
    Boca vs river plate

    Psv vs ajax
    Celtic vs rangers

    Make these spical evints are hight expactation
    Like many or less fan came to the stadium
    Make fan more real
    Make choice for playing multiplayer eaven in defrent league and the same …that will be great
    Add handball to the game
    Injery make head enjery add some blood brocken bone ….make it realllll im enjoying fifa but all these are missing
    And please please to make it easy way to create a clube team or national team with head scan and we can add mini face to see thim in the carrer mode like real

    Make a website have these option
    1- download new teams or national team
    2- update the team or players state every week or once a month
    3- update kits and buy thim from you’r site would be great
    4- more details in signe contract of players
    Prees confrence after match with the maneger and the capten
    5- player of the week winer award
    6- player of the year winer award
    7- youth player of the year award
    8- golden shose of the league
    9- golden shose of the year
    10- d’or ballon THE YEAR
    Note : keep results of all this awards or matches to make H2H “head to head ” teams,players,

    Caf championce league
    Caf confederathion cup
    Caf super cup

    All of that must be lincese .
    Thanks for you all

  6. نريد المعلق العربي الشهير رووف خليف الذ ي له شعبييه كبيره عند العرب وفسخ عقده من بيس فرصه كبيره لتطور فيفا 17 وياليت تحطون شعار
    pein sport
    على حسب ترتيب الدوري
    وايضا تضعون تصاميم للتيفوهات على المدرجات
    وكل ملعب له موسيقه او نغمه اذا سجلت هدف يعني زي اتليتكو مدريد او البايرن ميونيخ واشغب الجماهير
    وارجوكم المنتخب السعودي يكون موجود في فيفا 17 لاعبون
    جوده عاليه مو مثل الهند مع احترمي EA
    وشكر جزيلا لكم ‘

    Automatically Translated:
    We want the famous Arab commentator Roof Khalif tastiest me his Hobeiah great when Arabs and termination of his contract of Pace big chances for the development of FIFA 17 and Ialit Thton logo
    pein sport
    According to the league standings on
    And also they put designs on the runways Tavohat
    Each stadium has music and tone or recorded if the goal means uniform Atletico Madrid or Bayern Munich fans Ashgb
    I ask for the Saudi team will be present in FIFA 17 players
    High quality Mo like India with Respect EA
    And thank you very much ‘

  7. Please uae league like we have bests players in Asia and we are still not in Fifa I vote for the UAE

    1. نريد المعلق رؤوف خليف ونريد موسيقى بعد الهدف مثل بايرن او اتليتكو وتعديل بعض اخطاء اللعبه والمنتخب السعودي في فيفا17


      Automatically Translated:
      Reid commentator Rauf Khalif and we want music after the goal, such as Bayern and Atletico or modify some of the mistakes of the game and the Saudi team in FIFA 17

      1. امتنى تحطوان المعلق فارس عوض او فهد العتيبي وتحطوان المنتخابات العربية وتحطوان الدوري الامراتي و القطري والعراقي المصري

        Automatically Translated:
        Amtny Tahtoan commentator Faris Awad or Fahad Al-Otaibi and Tahtoan Community and the Arab Tahtoan Albadera and Qatari and Iraqi Egyptian League

  8. The LINAH from HONDURAS pleas….
    or at least try to create or make appear the best teams of the league….
    In 2012 AC Milan played a “friendly match ” against the Club Deportivo Olimpia, winning 3~1..
    C.D Olimpia 2 Boca Junior1… among others astonishing results….
    Just for give you a example of the HONDURAN’s league quality… I know is not one of the best leagues in the world, but it’s one of the best in the CONCACAF with th MX league, MLS, HONDURAS, COSTA RICA, GUATEMALA and PANAMA…

    You should considerate them. Because these are just 6 leagues, and the best in this area

  9. We really have no say in when we would like or should be released but if they have to spend an extra few weeks before they announce the official release date to get a better game out there i’d be more than happy to wait.

  10. We have some suggestions to discuss here:
    The fifa 17 should return the championship mode between friends and allow to restrict the type of defense in friendly matches since conducted online leagues and time or another arises smart gamer wanting to benefit from using the classic defense , despite being banned and lack tools in-game to avoid this. This creates a major disadvantage for those who respect the rules of the competition playing on defense tactics and irritation gamers.
    Other interesting news would be the following :
    Coach view with animation ;
    the championship final set in online mode, the gunner definition, less defense leaked and best goalkeeper ;
    obdiência tactics of the players on the field , before the custom created ;
    set before each match the defense so that game will work for both players , for example, classical , or tactical choice.

  11. It would be nice if the Dutch Jupiler League would be included into the game. And as a fan of Sparta Rotterdam, I’d love to play in Het Kasteel, their stadium.

  12. We ask all the strongest terms to the Israeli broadcaster Israel we have the best broadcasters in the world
    We will be delighted if the answer to our request Thanks!

  13. fifa 2016 da söz verilen vodafone arena stadı (beşiktaş stadı) konulmadı bu sefer beşiktaş vodafone arena stadını istiyoruz….

  14. Plz EA Add greek league.It has great teams and players and every year 2 or more teams participate in at europa and champions league

  15. Please add Slovakia national team ! (Players : Hamšik, Škrtel, Kucka, Stoch, Weiss, Hološko, Hubočan… and more)


  16. pls put fut draft for free not online on ultimat team, in a normal gamemode .and still have fut draft on ultimate team

  17. According to the danish FIFA 17 website the official release date in Europe should be September 24, 2016. They have looked into some statistic data and norms in the gaming industri to find that date and it seems likely to be right.. The american release is probably two days ahead of the european release so maybe it will be September 22, 2016?

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