How to Play Champions League in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 Champions League

The UEFA Champions League tournament is not available in FIFA 17 as EA Sports do not have the UEFA Champions League license. But, using the Tournament Mode in FIFA 17, you would be able to set up a tournament similar to the official UEFA Champions League and simulate the UCL tournament in FIFA 17.

Before we go and create the simulated Champions League tournament in FIFA 17, lets just review the current UEFA Champions League (2016/2017) clubs and groups, and most importantly, see which current UEFA CL teams do not feature in FIFA 17:

UEFA Champions League 2016/17 – Group Standings

Teams in red are not available in FIFA 17. You can replace them with the suggested teams in brackets.

– Arsenal
– Basel
Ludogorets Razgrad (Olympiacos CFP)
– Paris Saint Germain
– SSC Napoli
– Benfica
– Besiktas
– Dynamo Kyiv

– Barcelona
– Manchester City
– Borussia Moenchengladbach
– Celtic
– Bayern Munich
– Atletico Madrid
– PSV Eindhoven
– FC Rostov

– Monaco
– Tottenham Hotspur
– Bayer Leverkusen
– CSKA Moscow
– Real Madrid
– Borussia Dortmund
– Sporting CP
– Legia Warszawa

– Leicester City
– FC Koebenhavn
– FC Porto
– Club Brugge
– Juventus
– Sevilla
– Lyon
Dinamo Zagreb (Shakhtar Donetsk)

Source: UEFA Champions League Fixtures & Results

As you can see above, there are only 2 clubs that are not available in FIFA 17. You can replace these teams with some other teams from the rest of the world teams or any other leagues you like. Here is our suggestion for the replacement:

Teams Replacement

Replace the unavailable teams with the available ones

  • Ludogorets Razgrad >> Olympiacos CFP (Rest of the World)
  • Dinamo Zagreb >> Shakhtar Donetsk (Rest of the World)

After this, you can start setting up your UEFA CL tournament in FIFA 17 by following the steps given below:

FIFA 17 UEFA Champions League Tournament

Getting Started

  • Select tournament type Group & Knockout
  • Set the number of teams to 32
  • Auto fill teams option should be set to NO
  • Name the tournament as UEFA CL
  • Advanced setting should be turned ON

Now, select Advance and make the following changes:

FIFA 17 UEFA Champions League

Advanced Settings

  • Subs on Bench: 7
  • Select Cup: Cup 5
  • Final Stadium: Anfield (Or any other stadium you like)
  • Final Match Legs: 1
  • Teams Per Group: 4
  • Teams Advancing / Group: 2
  • Fixtures v Group Teams: 2
  • Knockout Round Fixtures: 2

Then, go ahead and select the teams as the above group list. After this, re-arrange the group as the current UEFA Champions League standings are shown above.

Now you can save your tournament and enjoy the UEFA Champions League Tournament in FIFA 17.

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  1. when i play this custom tournament, i can’t play with the curcial players always because they tired, so please fix this problem or create uefa cl in fifa

  2. Why ludogorets, dinamo kiev, partizan, red star, dinamo zagreb, viktoria plzen, Sparta prague apoel and many other good team are not in the game ? And mostly western leagues are included thats discrimination….. please fix this problem and add this teams in the game.

    1. I agree with you bro. I am switching to PES next year. There is no Champ league, no small teams from Europe, no World Cup, no Euro Cup and so on.That’s just dumb.

  3. I did this myself, but i am having a scheduling problem. In this and every other custom tournament the games are scheduled every 3 or 4 days (!!!). Unrealistic and makes you completely change the squad every game. Anyone know a way around this?

  4. Why don’t you add some other european leagues like the greek, bulgarian, croatian, romanian, serbian, israeli, hungarian, ukrainian, czech and teams like Apoel, Bate Borisov, Astana and Qarabag? That would be very profitable.

  5. I used Austria’s FC Red Bull Salzburg as an alternate for Dynamo Kiev giving next best in this years playoff rounds and availablity in the game

    1. how are you looking at the moment and will not have registered for the big day is going to be the first time in the next few days

  6. Apparently season is set to Summer and can’t change it from game settings. Even if you set kickoff time at 10:30 pm the game will still be played in daylight, regardless of the stadiums 🙁
    Is this due to CL license restriction? Games can’t be played at night?

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