FIFA 17 – Corner Kicks Guide

FIFA 17 Corners

FIFA 17 has a new targeting system for corners which you are probably not familiar with if you are new to FIFA 17.

Here is a quick guide to score corners in FIFA 17:

  • Aim with loopy marker and set power to kick the ball
  • Switch players
  • Shoot and score
FIFA 17 Corners

Aim and Power
Use L on PlaySation / LS on Xbox & PC Gamepad to control where you desire the ball to land by positioning the yellow marker. Then tap ▢ on PlayStation or X on Xbox or PC Gamepad for a loopy trajectory and hold for a driven trajectory.

Switching Players
To switch to a player in the box, press L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox & PC Gamepad button. Lock in your aim and power to gain control of the player.

Ball in Play
Press ▢ on PlayStation or X on Xbox & PC Gamepad button to request the ball to be delivered.

Below you can see the controls on PlayStation and Xbox/PC gamepad controllers for taking and scoring corners in FIFA 17. See also the FIFA 17 Controls.


Action PlayStation Xbox / PC Gamepad
Corners – Lob Pass X
Corners – Low Cross ▢ (x2) X (x2)
Corners – Ground Cross ▢ (x3) X (x3)
Corners – Pass X A
Change Player L1 LB
Aim Kick L LS
Apply Kick Power X
Call Player Short L2 LT


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